$200 Free AmEx Deal Gone?

I remember a few weeks ago there was a BMW Amex credit card that gave 200 bucks free after using 500 bucks. I can't find the deal but I wanna sign up to the card now. That can someone link to the deal or website to sign up?

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  • It was removed, at the request of AMEX, as it was limited to only BMW users

  • Is that mean you are not eligible to apply if you are not BMW users? (tehcnically)
    what happens to the hundred people who applied, I would say they would have to accept those applications? I don't think they ask you for your no. plate or something?

    • What it means is that AMEX asked us to remove the details on this site.

      Your legal thoughts may or may not be true, that isnt the issue we face when we took it down.

  • I had applied for it and got a call from them today asking if had bought a bmw recently. which I haven't so they cancelled the application. Apparently it was somewhere in terms and conditions but not on the main page coz i never saw that disclaimer. Only thing not happy about is that they did a credit check and now there is a inquiry against my name.

    • did they say how recent is recently? say u did get one recently, only 35 years ago, and i'd like to hear their response.

  • Hmm… I was about to apply, just before realizing the OB page about was taken down. Well, I might be eligible anyway, as I do have a BMW. Never mind that it's 15 years old… Hard to know if that bit of the terms and conditions is not public.

    • well found the site for the application myself and i read the T&Cs, not only is it not public, its just not there.

  • Had a look http://www.partnersamericanexpress.com/bmw/bmwgoldcreditcard... and not find mentionong anything preventing people for taking the offer …

    • Yes, it's pretty odd that they would call someone during the application process. For the record, the word "BMW" appears exactly zero times in the T&Cs. At the very bottom, it says that BMW Finance gets a kickback in the form of a fraction of their customers' spend.

  • I got the card today, no call, no hassles.

    PS use google if you can't find what you are looking for

    • i'd like to know if you end up getting the $200 DJs card too. :)

      • Thanks for reminding me of this! I forgot that you have to spend $500 in the first two months in order to qualify for the DJs card.

        • I have spent my $500, now hoping for DJ card to come through..They might not give it to me because I already held an Amex card..but lets see.

        • Well it appears you fall into the high income population and BMW didnt suspect. Haha.

      • Yep got it :)

        • +1

          Annoyingly I still haven't got mine, although I spent the required $500 pretty much in the first week of getting the card. And have also paid the bill. But no sign of the DJ card so far.

  • too bad on more $200~
    but via DJ AMEX referral, get around $140 (20000points) back now. Usually only $100 back that cover the $99 fee.

    Anyone interested?


    • too bad on more $200~

      $200 offer ends 31st dec

  • Just in case anyone is interested, I received my $200 voucher…tested using it the other day, and seems to be fine. The letter you get says it's only valid for 3 months, but then the card had an expiry of halfway through 2014…

    • That's good news. I still haven't reached my $500 spend yet to qualify for the voucher (think I'm at about $370 so far, with a month to go).

  • I received my $200 voucher as well :D

  • Those that applied for this, did you go with Ascent Rewards or Qantas Rewards? Cheers!

  • I received a call from them asking if I own a BMW. I said I dont and they said I dont qualify and would get back to me to review the application. They got back to me a week later and turned out I got the card in the mail with $7400 max… Now to spend the $500 to test the free $200.. I applied for the qantas rewarads from memory.. I couldnt work out if there was much difference…

  • for those who got the vouchers/gift cards, how long did it take after you spend $500?

    • +1

      AMEX told me 4-8weeks. I called them. :)

    • about 2 weeks for me

    • I spent over $500 on it a while ago, and have paid the statement, but have not yet received mine. Not sure how long it's been exactly, but definitely more than 2-4 weeks.

    • Got my $200 DJ card in the mail today, ON THE FIRST DAY of my 3rd month (2nd month statement ended yesterday). REALLY HAPPY.

      • So how long ago did you spend the required $500?

        • Yay! Got my DJ Gift Card today too. I received my Amex card on Sep 12, and I think I just hit the required $500 spend in the second month (probably end of October). I was expecting to receive the DJ card about Jan 12, so this is considerably earlier! :)

        • Mine arrived yesterday too :)

  • Anyone applied recently, did you get a call to verify BMW ownership like the above older posts (at the time of original post)?

  • Just to notify the community that the offer

    Free DeLonghi Nespresso Coffee Machine for New AMEX Applicants $0 Annual Fee

    that was posted yesterday has been unpublished with the same reason from American Express, that it's only available to their partnership groups.

    • That seems very silly of AMEX, why not leave it up but specify (e.g. only BMW owners) the condition that we have to fulfill?

      Or perhaps they are afraid of being OzBargained… grin

      • Well. Seeing that their site was returning 500 Internal Error as soon as they got featured on OzBargain…

        We did question them with the previous BMW offer that being a BWM owner was not part of T&C. Didn't get any reply from them…

        • I never got asked whether I owned a BMW or not but got approved.

          btw, for those of you that got approved for the BMW AMEX, were your credit limits quite low? Mine was a lowly $2000 :(

        • I got no such internal error. All went smoothly for me.

        • Same $2000 limit here… Odd

  • Great….so I gave them all my details for nothing…

  • +1

    My one went through and approved. Hopefully I slip through the cracks haha.

  • yeah mine went through, fingers crossed.

  • edit:deleted myself

  • Received the AMEX card today. Looking forward to the Free DeLonghi Nespresso Coffee Machine.
    BTW, I also received a self-addressed reply envelope in the mail with the card and other T&C docs… wondering if anyone also got this envelope… There is nowhere mentioned about sending back any stuff….

    • Got my card today too. But am wondering the same thing…Won't take me long to rack up $500 worth of spending, but then what?
      I need to find that original link we clicked on that showed us the promotion..
      Anyone have it?

      • Ok, found the link

        <MOD: Removed on request of AmEx>

        Now to spend $500 and then hassle them..
        Will take a screenshot of this website, in case it gets taken down!

        • So do we need to sign up to that Nespresso club or something? Or is it just spend the $500 and then let them know.

        • Nah, I used the above link to sign up to the credit card…which shows the offer.
          But nothing in the mail I received refers to this coffee machine.
          This might be a bit of a struggle, but worth it, if it works out!

    • I got my card as well..but with the welcome letter nothing mention about Free coffee machine when spend $500 before end of Jan 13..Just wondering anybody know how to claim this machine?Do we need to do anything?Thaks.

  • just received my card today as well

  • Received my card yesterday.

  • Got and activated, along with a letter saying they figured out I already have an Amex card (and my card states Member Since 07)
    I'm still banking on getting the Nespresso machine :)
    Now to find $500 worth of stuff to buy off Ozbargain. $0.00 Gray's purchases aren't helping!

    • Do you got your machine yet?

  • Got the BMW card today… No employment/pay check and no check if I own a BMW. Called to ask about $200 DJ giftcard… Apparently after I spend $500 it will auto be posted out.

    Planning on using the card for any NON paywave transactions (ING 5%). Of the 3 places I tried to use it today… Only one accepted Amex.

    Anyone have any experience/preferences/help they can share… Really not sure if I want QFF or the Ascent rewards… QFF seems to make sense as I already have and understand it. But the Amex program seems to have a slightly better conversion rate if I get David Jones giftcards.

  • Looks like the nespresso deal is for professional memberships only and have to spend $500.

    • +1

      Maybe,but i'm not accountant but they process my application and issued a card to me with no question ask.My problem now is how can we claim for the coffee machine"????????????????????

      • Travis posted above that he was told the $200 DJ gift card will be posted out automatically once $500 is spent. I'd assume the coffee machine deal is the same.

        • We'll have to wait and see…
          If anyone gets the $200 DJ card, or Coffee machine, please let us know :-)

  • The Nespresso deal is Gold card, does this mean it will cover travel insurance automatically if I buy the flight with it?

    • no. It has no annual fee therefore does not qualify for free travel insurance.

  • +1

    I received the card and prior activation i asked them if i was eligible for the coffee machine and he went into my account and read out the statement/terms - basically the same details when this OB post was posted. Lets see if i will get it.

    • I got my card last week.Buy they detected I'm existing Amex holder so i also dont know am i eligible or not.

  • +3

    I just called AMEX (1300 363 687) today to confirm the Nespresso promo and the rep (I am sure she mentioned she is from a U.S. location) confirmed that she is familiar with the promo and that it is valid and she reminded me that I need to spend $500 and that the Nespresso machine will be delivered 4 to 6 weeks after the $500 spend has been reached.

    • Apply to new Amex customer or existing customer with new Amex card eligible?

    • I crossed $500 on this card a few days ago… and now we wait.

      • Same. Fairly confident as all the additional benefits have been added like fee free card, fee free awards program and 6 months no interest.

        Called up today to lower my limit down from the crazy 20k they gave me. Now a more reasonable 2k.

        • Same, mine came with a $28k limit, I just spent my $500 and was going to lower the limit but figured once I have my machine I will just cancel the card.

    • Let us know how you go…I've also spent $500 (courtesy of car rego :-( )…I'll be very surprised if it happens automatically. I envisage a struggle!

  • +1

    Check out the addition to the T&C on the amex nespresso page:
    "This offer is only valid if you hold a current membership with the Institute. American Express reserves the right to validate the eligibility of applicants for this offer at the time of application."

  • Anyone receive their coffee machine yet?

  • no

    • Nope,

      So who can be assed calling?

  • It did say something like 6-8 weeks didn't it? I'm assuming that's aft the end of the jan billing period, I might call if no sign of it by end of feb

  • +1

    Got a package in the mail today. I thought, "That's strange…I don't remember buying anything…" Turns out it's my Nespresso machine!

    • Are you new Amex card holder?

      • I would like to know as well. Also are you a chartered accountant?

    • +1

      Yes, a new Amex card holder
      No, not an accountant

    • +1

      Got mine today too!

      Happy days :-)

      • -1

        SO you also new to Amex?

        • I think I had an Amex card 10yrs ago….but closed that one fairly quickly.

  • Exciting, will await the pending arrival with bated(?) breath.

    • And there we have it. Arrived this morning. Now where do I buy the pods from?

      • Yeah, I'm wondering about that too…Can we use the Aldi ones?

      • -1

        you also new to Amex?

        • New to Amex but did have a corporate one a while back. Definitely can't use aldi ones

        • So which pods can we use?

        • Nespresso pods from a nespresso boutique or online for nespresso direct. Or there are compatible pods available at Coles, Harvey Norman, officeworks, etc there are also refillable pods available online.

          Personally I prefer the genuine nespresso ones.

        • Thanks for the info.

          So when can I cancel the card, now that I have the machine :-)

  • I just got mine this morning.:D

    • Congratulations! I'm in the same boat as you I think so hopefully I get mine soon.

      • Thanks.Hope you get yours today!By the way, i try to register this item online for warranty purpose but the system indicated the serial number is used,anybody know how to deal with warranty if the machine goes wrong?

    • +1

      So you also new to Amex?

      • No..I got 4 Amex before apply to this..

  • Awesome deal! Got the machine from the post office this morning :) yes!

  • Anyone in Brisbane received one yet? I'm still waiting though I wasn't as quick to spend the $500 so maybe im in the next run.

    • I'm in Sydney. I got the card in the letter box on 30 Jan. I reached $500 on Christmas day.

  • I just received mine today, totally forgot about it too!! :)

  • I applied last friday and got my card today 1st of feb, which means I dont qualify for the machine right?

    no biggie, this card is free for life!

  • Just got mine in Tassie :)

  • Remind me again, what was the minimum spend, $500? Was it required by a certain date? I've put $300 on mine and trying to work out if I push more onto it or just cancel the card if I missed the deadline. Cheers!

    • T&C

      Offer only available to new American Express Card applicants who apply online, are approved and spend $500 prior to 31 January 2013. Only the Basic Cardholder is eligible to receive the DeLonghi Nespresso U coffee machine (Black) and Supplementary Cardholders are not eligible for this offer.

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