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Hi All,

Travelling through Singapore in January for just the night and thinking might be an idea to take advantage of Accor Plus if they have availability at one of their hotels for the night I am there.

Can anyone generously check whether there is availability and where in Singapore on 14th of January 2024?


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    I did a search and can see the following showing as $0 with a Stay Plus for 14/1/24
    ibis Singapore on Belcoolen
    Mercure Singapore On Stevens
    ibis Singapore Novena
    ibis Styles Singapore On Macpherson
    Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
    YMMV, hope this helps.

    • Thanks for looking!

  • I rocked up to a booking before in HK and realised that the membership card I picked up was an expired one (instead of the current one) and they were not going to let me check-in. I did have to argue with them politely for about 15 minutes before they allowed me in.

    It was my fault and I know it's part of their conditions that the membership card be presented at check-in, but does anyone understood the logic behind it? The room was booked online after logging in with the membership details and my passport obviously matches the name on the booking. I also had the printout of the booking confirmation with all the details behind it. Could they not just look it up on the system?

    • Hmmmm I'm going to a booking in December but don't have a physical card. Would online login work?

      • Would online login work?

        I have no idea, to be honest. My experience was just before Covid so I'm not sure if anything has changed. I argued politely based on logic in broken cantonese (and definitely not in a condescending tone).

        I guess the best thing to do is to call them up to find out. Although, there's no guarantee that they'll give you accurate information - ie, the person on the phone might say it's okay, but the person at check-in might say it's not.

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          I was told that they don't issue physical cards any more - you need to use the app.

          • @Gaz1: ah, that's good. That makes things much easier! (I'm no longer a member anymore).

    • I've never been asked for my physical card. I just show them the cars via the app.

      I just received my latest physical card back in July

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