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Monopoly Regional Championships (FREE Monopoly Deal game for registering and showing up!)


FREE Monopoly Deal Card Game for anyone who registers and shows up at the Monopoly Regional Championships. Rego opened today and closes 31st Dec.

Free to enter, 60 registrants will be invited to play at EACH event around the country, but everyone who registers and shows up on the day will get a free copy of the Monopoly Deal card game (even if you don't get to play)! If any of the invited players are no shows then you also get priority to fill that place on the day.

  • Sydney: Saturday 10th January 2009
  • Brisbane: Sunday 11th January 2009
  • Perth: Saturday 17th January 2009
  • Adelaide: Sunday 18th January 2009
  • Melbourne: Saturday 31st January 2009
  • Canberra: Sunday 1st February 2009

Not sure if this can be classified as a deal as you can only get it when you turn up at the event in January. Still, it's a free card game (while stocks last) during school hols and a skillful (or lucky!) Ozbargainer may end up the Australian Monopoly Champion and sent to represent in Las Vegas!

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    A fair bit of work for a "free" game but I've registered for the fun of the comp.

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    Heh, yeah but the events are in Westfield centres so you can rock up with ur rego email, grab ur game and if you don't make it in, you can then go off and do your shopping!


    Southland's a bit far from me, but I reckon this deserves a +ve :)

    I especially like Random Ninja's suggestion :)

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    Right up the road from where I am.
    Now to wait 2 months to claim my prize.
    I just hope I'm not one of the 60 chosen to play!

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    It must just be me, but this actually sounds like a lot of fun. Shame I don't live in Sydney otherwise I'd actually consider going and playing a game :)


    So does everyone who registers gets to play? How do they determine who plays?


      By some random process, I'd say. My niece got her confirmation letter to play the other day.

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