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Samsung Clearance on TVs (inc 2024 models), AVs & Home Appliances (Trade up & 5% off Available Where Applicable) @ Samsung EPP


I just ordered the 77" S90C OLED (SOLD OUT) for $2,811.43 delievered after the 5% discount (on first order) & $100 trade off which I believe is the cheapest this TV has ever been and an amazing price for arguably one of the top TVs of 2023. It's on pre-order atm, getting delivered from 3rd July onwards. Then noticed the EPP store has many other clearance deals too, including some 2024 TVs. Noted some of them below -

55" Q70C QLED - $799.50
55" S90C OLED - $1,499.50
65" S90C OLED - $1,949.50
55" S95D OLED - $1,999.50
65" S95D OLED - $3,749.25
75" QN90D Neo QLED - $2,749.45
85" QN90D Neo QLED - $3,574.45
HW-Q700C Q-Series Soundbar - $499.00
HW-S800B S-Series Soundbar - $499.00
9kg Front Load Smart Washer with Steam Wash Cycle - WW90T504DAW - $549.45

Happy hunting!

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  • what does the trade off involve / requirements ?

    • My understanding is for TVs - literraly any other TVs in working condition.

      • LOL, can we send in a crusty old CRT?

        seems like most these TV probably just gets stripped for rare earth or parts and recycled anyway..
        since they I doubt they would be reselling the traded in TV

        • +1

          I bought a Samsung TV from them two months ago with the intention of trading in an old 24" monitor that we used as a TV. I asked the delivery guys if they would accept it and they said it was fine. I then asked if they had to take it and they said I could keep it if I wanted to. So I ended up keeping it.

      • I am not actually sure that it needs to be working. I will confirm in a few days from experience.

      • From what I can tell the minimum requirements are:
        -Disconnected from power and wall mounts
        -Logged out of any smart apps or assistants (if applicable)
        -No outstanding lease or credit against the product

    • +2

      I did the trade off, as part of this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/845382

      just select the condition, whether its working or not while placing the order.

      Mine had panel issues, where there were areas of the screen which were quite dark (5 year old TV), so I selected "not in proper working order"

      The delivery guys are the same people who pick it up and literally don't give a sh!t. You point them to the old TV and they take it away. They did take a photo of the unit, I guess to add into their app and to mark their pickup task as complete.

      Hope this helps!

    • Confirmed TV does not need to be working. I literally got a discarded TV off the side of the road which had been there for 2 months and traded it in. The TV had a cracked screen.

  • Asking me "please validate your Samsung account to access the Australian Government Store".

  • How do I sign in to EPP on samsung app? I can only see a standard or edu option on it

    • I don't think you can sign in to EPP on the app. It has to be via web. You would still get the 5% discount. I did.

      • I see… Thanks!

      • -1

        You actually can via the app, you click "My Page" then on your name, and from there you can select your store.

        • That only gives you option to Samsung regular store or education store not the EPP.

          • @angry-redbird: You are right. Sorry I was reading EPP to mean the education store!

    • +1

      Once you have associated your primary Samsung Account with either a edu or commercial email, it seems to lock you into either store.

      Just spent almost an hour on the phone to see if they can unlink. No longer have .edu acces, but have EPP access. Bounced around a couple of support teams and no success.

      Probably quicker to re-register with a gmail alias account and link to your EPP partner.

  • Can anyone with access see any heat pump driers?

    • +1

      Nope sorry!

    • +1

      I can see them in the Gov store and it does have the $100 trade in option:

      10kg BESPOKE AI Grande Hybrid Heatpump Dryer with AI Dry - DV10B9750CV $1749

      9kg BESPOKE Smart Heatpump Dryer with AI Dry - Black DV90BB9440GB $1399

      8kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer - DV80T5420AW $1044

      8kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer - DV80T5420AB $1139

      9kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer - DV90T8440SB $1434

      8kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer - DV80T6420LE $1154

      9kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer - DV90T7440BT $1294

      9kg Heat Pump Smart Dryer - DV90T8440SH $1461

  • Can you use 10% loyalty discount on epp or edu?

  • Can someone having access please check price for The Frame 75" and 85" please

    • +2

      75" - $2449 and 85" - $3749. This is excluding any trade in and loyalty discounts

  • These EPP/EDU exclusive deals are killing me! So annoyed I missed the S90C deal from early May. 😤

  • +2

    Just checked .EDU account and they are the same prices.

    • Thaks! I don't have access to edu anymore.

  • I'd be all over the 77 S90C at that price, but no access..really need to sort out a edu email.

  • Damn… Just bought the S90C 77 last week. Paid approx $3.4k after cashback. However it's a phenomenal TV - highly recommended.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just got the washer for $521.98 after additional 5% discount added at checkout for first time purchase.

  • Imagine spending 3k for a 55” S90C (for example) when someone with access to a special portal can get it for half the price. On ya Samsung 👏
    This just goes to show the their products aren’t worth anywhere near what they’re asking.

    • +3

      You mean like people having access to staff discounts and other partnerships? Happens everywhere mate, wipe your tears.

      • -1

        No tears here mate, I don’t buy garbage ;)

  • +1

    How did you get the 5% discount ?

  • Anyone with the 85" that recommends it?

  • +1

    Ordered the 77 inch 👍

  • Got crazy deal with 98" c745 at jbhifi 2 weeks back.. Scored it for $2774 with a Soundbar..and over this also got a $500 gift voucher..plus wall mounted for $199..so damm lucky to get all this..so if I sell the soundbar for even $200..final cost will be $2774+199-200-500= $2273..pretty damm happyyyyy 😉

    • Wow that's ridiculous! How'd you score that price? it's listed for $3.8k @ JB.

  • Can someone confirm the below?

    Samsung S90C = LG C3
    Samsung S95D = LG G3

    Samsung have 42" OLEDs right? No deals on those?

    • C3 and G3 are WOLED, S90C and S95D are QDOLED
      So yeah different panels, different TVs.

      • But are they competitors to each other, so similar quality/level/price point?

        • +1

          Not quite.
          S9xC = 2023
          S9xD = 2024 with matt anti-glare coating

          S90x ~ LG Cx
          S95x ~ LG Gx

          (S95x also slimmer panels using Samsung One Connect box which may or may not be an advantage to you)

          • @BAHBQ: Thanks for clarifying :)

            $1500 for a 55" C3 equivalent sounds alright to me then. I'm after either a 42" or a 65" but it's tempting.

          • +2

            @BAHBQ: There’s also the old Samsung panel lottery. 90D could be a woled or qdoled if you’re lucky. S95D is a gen2 qdoled. S90C up to 65” could be gen 1 or gen 2 qdoled panel. S90C 77” and up is a gen 2 qdoled. S95C is qdoled gen2.

            95d has matte anti glare coating which reduces glare but some found is bad for sharpness. The 95 models also have one connect box, though 95c suffered from dropouts when gaming which made some people opt for 90c.

            90C 77” at this price seems like a pretty good deal for a large gen 2 qdoled panel tv.

  • Is anyone able to help me out with a edu email - verify? tried afew places to try and get the price close to this for a 77 s90c but with no luck :(

    • +1

      They can't it's registered once to themselves.

      Either enroll/work for an institution or work out a deal with someone to buy it for you and send it to your address.

      • Thanks for the info, didnt know it locks the email to a account. In that case I'll wait around for some future deals.

  • Thanks for sharing OP! This is such a killer deal.

    Does anyone happen to have a shipping date earlier than the 3rd of July for the 77S90C? I'm worried that there isn't actually any stock and they end up cancelling our orders since it's the older 2023 model

    • +1

      Thanks. I don't think stock has been an issue with similar deals in the past. My guess is they have a shipment coming which they are trying to clear.

  • Anyone know the difference between the S90C and S90D? looking at the 65" and there is a few hundred price difference between the two

    Could not really find much relevant info online other than saying S90D has a bit better/brighter display and i think better "AI" processor lol

    My main use case would be some streaming sports, movies, shows and some gaming.

    • +1

      Danger. In the Australian and euro market the s90D has a panel lottery - you might get lucky and end up with QD-OLED, but more likely it’ll be an WOLED. So personally I’d steer clear of the 90D. With 90C up to 65” use gen 1 QD OLED panels. 77” and up use gen 2, which are hypothetically brighter, less prone to burn in and less reflection.

      • so 90C 65" seems like the cheaper and better deal, thanks probably order that in

        • Yeah that was my conclusion.. though I went for the 77”. Worth having a look at YouTube or googling some pro reviews. Seems like the 90C was one of the best TVs for the money last year and at these prices it seems like a great deal

          • +2

            @simulacrum: yeah my friend told me to look at rtings videos i checked them out 90C seems more than enough

            77 inch i think was over a thousand more, dont think worth it for my use case, 65 should be fine

            Happy I found a TV under $2k and its OLED :)

            • @Freestyle: Yeah Qd OLED and I think if you’re lucky you’ll get a gen 2 panel. Good deal

  • Anybody having issues with delivery? Have purchased a few things in the past few months from Samsung store with no issues, but tried to get a Vacuum Cleaner this morning and keep getting "Unfortunately, we cannot deliver in your area at this time".

    • +1

      Showing same thing for me, that message wasn't there for me a couple of days ago.

      Seems to be an issue for TVs and monitors at least for my area, tested it with a phone only and no error.

      • +1

        That's a shame - I went on the live chat and they told me it was a bug and to just ignore the notification and proceed to payment; wouldn't accept that the proceed to payment button was greyed out…. Will try my luck again tomorrow

        • You should try checking again, it seems like it is allowing delivery again for me now.

          • @david c88: Thanks mate - still showing as not available for me unfortunately. I've sent an email to support so hopefully they have an answer for me soon.

  • For anyone in Defence, APOD have these prices so just load up Samsung 50% EOFY deals. If you have a DVA white (spend 1 day in the ADF) or gold card then you get APOD for free.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Got the 77". Pitched to the Mrs ans got it over the line! Cheers!

  • +1

    Can confirm got 77" S90C OLED for $2,811.43 delivered after the 5% discount (on first order - using the phone app on iOS) & $100 trade off with an education linked account. Cheers OP.

  • +1

    Epic, thanks OP. Ordered the 77" S90C for $2,811.43 via the Westpac App EPP access. Just need to find a old tv to trade now :)

  • +1

    Ordered a 65" S90D for $2,151.23.

    Shoutout to the OP for sharing this post!

  • Can someone please tell me how do I get epp access? I’m a nurse work in hospital, do I get the epp kind of stuffs ? Sorry I’m new here

    • +1

      You need to check with your employer. May be ask HR. Lot of employers both private/public provide this kind of access to their employees. Another way is get via Westpac if you are a Westpac customer. Or if you have an email ending with .edu you can access Samsung's education portal too where you can find similar deals. Good luck!

    • +1

      Happy to help out with orders

  • +1


  • Hey, how do people get the 5% on first order? I thought that only applies via the Samsung Shop app

    • +2

      for me
      Open EPP via westpac app -> click user icon in top RHS -> create new account
      this then takes you to the default Samsung store after registration with your new account that has 5% off on first purchase, press back on your browser until you get back to the EPP store, refresh so you are now logged in with your new account and you can checkout with the 5% off.

  • Has anyone successfully purchased with education account? It shows the same price but it's keep asking the employee email during checkout.

    • I used the education account (on the education store). I used the education email address in checkout.

  • +1

    Got my Tv today… pretty good and free delivery to rural Vic.
    looking forward to setting up tonight

    • Great! Which one?

      • The 85, thanks for posting the deal

        • +1

          You are welcome! Cheers!

  • Is there a clear reason to pick one over the other
    77 S90C vs 85 QN90D
    Mostly sport and some movies, currently have an older Hisense 65N7 so both would be better, looking to sync it with Samsung q990d sound bar.

    • IMO comes down to technology preference, I went the oled/S90C for the infinite contrast, no backlight blooming but it wont be as bright as the LCD panel. Both should look great. Long video but does a great job of summing up the pros/cons of the different technologies and where they are at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyUA1OmXMXA

    • +1

      S90C better value for the price imho

      • Thank you both - I am now ~$2900 poorer :) getting the 77"

  • +1

    Finally pulled the trigger on the 55" S90C.
    Originally thought I was replacing a 65", but glad I measured it! Overkill can be a curse for these TVs.
    $1329 with trade in and first app shop purchase is still ridiculously good.
    Should arrive first week July.
    Thanks OP.

  • Is 77" out of stock? I went to order today and it looks OOS?

  • +1

    I ordered on June 11th with a delivery ETA of July 3rd but it just arrived today. I just got a email/ sms shipping notification today morning (with no notice) and it arrived a few mins after so keep an eye out for your orders.

    • Interesting. How was the delivery experience? Did they pick up your old TV?

      • +1

        The delivery experience was really good for the 77 inch s90c. They brought it up a set of stairs (on a different floor of my house).

        I didn't have any old TV to trade in so I can't comment about that.

  • Order arranged for today. In the morning received a message from the shipping company message that read:

    Unfortunately, your order was not ready for pickup at the warehouse/store. Your retailler will contact you to arrange a new delivery date

    • Thats concerning! Pls keep us posted.

      • Contacted customer service they said the will look into it and now we wait. (Could be out of stock as the 77inch i ordered is no longer in stock)

        • Whats your order status showing under your account?

          • @angry-redbird: So I've ordered three appliances, a fridge a washing machine and the TV. TV and washing machine was meant to come today, but only the washing machine came.

            Fridge is due for tomorrow.

            STATUS on Order lookup
            Fridge -On the way
            Washing machine - On the way
            TV - Delivered

            Taken screen shots of the delivery confirmation courier confirmation they show the washing machine.

            I've already called and informed Samsung of the issues. For what its worth they said "They'll raise it to priority support or something"

  • Received my s90c 77" yesterday. Mounted it with the samsung slim mount. Awesome TV :) No problems trading in a old broken tv from hard rubbish.

    • +1

      Same with me. Except i didn't wall mount it. So happy with the TV. I literally watched 3 movies in 1 day 🤣

  • Damn

    Unfortunately, your order was not ready for pickup

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