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Dell 3 Day Cyber Super Sale - Inspiron 15R SE (i7, 8GB) $799, UltraSharp U2412M $279


Lots of discounts, copy and paste list from the Dell site:

Laptops, Desktops & All-in-One desktops

30% Off Dell XPS 15 Laptop, order code V511193AU
30% Off Dell Inspiron 15R SE Laptop, order code V511168AU
27% Off Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop, order code V511113AU
20% Off Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop, order code V511124AU
30% Off XPS 8500 Desktop, order code V211024AU
16% Off Dell Inspiron One 2330 Desktop, order code V211101AU

Monitors & Printers

30% Off Dell U2412M Monitor, order code U14U2412MAU
30% Off Dell U2410W Monitor, order code T14U2410WAU
30% Off Dell U2713HM Monitor, order code V14U2713MAU
20% Off Dell ST2420L Monitor, order code T14ST2420LAU
30% Off Dell U2412M-B Dual Monitor, order code U14U2412MBAU
30% Off Dell U2713HM-B Dual Monitor, order code V14U2713MBAU
35% Off Dell 1250c Printer, order code T841250CAU
25% Off Dell B1160 Printer, order code V841160AU
20% Off Dell B1260dn Printer order code V841260DNFAU


52% Off Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 - Dark Silver, order code A5455373
40% Off Netgear N600 Wireless Dualband Gigabit Router with USB, order code A6053350
40% Off Targus Synergy 2.0 Backpack 15.6", order code 460-11548
18% Off Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 3.5" 3TB, order code A6281336
34% Off Belkin Wireless Comfort Mouse, order code 570-11199
30% Off Logitech USB Headset H390 , order code A6117433
25% Off Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270, order code A5445845
25% Off Logitech Z313 2.1 Speakers, order code A5201972
16% Off Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse , order code A3216303

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  • +10

    Even with this super hyped cyber frenzy thingy, Dell UltraSharp U2412M is still $279 like 14 months ago

    • Yeah, its not amazing but there are some deals to be had. Every time I see the U2713HM for 30% off I am tempted… maybe this time.

  • Great price for the U2410 though - $489. Soo tempting… (still hanging on to my 2407 from years ago), but as soon as I buy one they'll announce it's successor (no, not the U2412M)

  • +3

    I like the double packs of monitors… pay an extra dollar for the convenience of only adding one item to your cart!

  • +1

    Its not $559 even, its like $559.90

  • +1

    Was interested in the XPS laptops until I read that their batteries are built-in and not replaceable by the customer.
    So when their batteries degenerate after 3 years, they are only usable as desktops? When their batteries die, they are hosed?

    • By then the laptop will be junk.
      I doubt you would get 3 years out of 1 battery
      By then it will be out of warranty so just pull it apart yourself

  • I bought the Dell Inspiron 15R SE too months ago for $899. I am overall pleased with it and it is definatly worth the price. I use it to play games (MW2, BO2, BF3, CSS, etc) and it doesn't struggle at all!

  • Took the plunge and got a U2412M. Hope it's everything it's built up to be.

    • Gateway drug to the U2713 is what it is.

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