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WowHD - 15% off Everything Today, 20% off DVD/BD (Excl Pre-Orders), 20% off Games


Another click frenzy sale… some good prices on Wii U stuff if you're in the market for some, and can wait for delivery.

ZombiU for Wii U for $52.76

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    Be sure to check the UK version of the site before you purchase your item, as most Blu-Rays work out even cheaper without the discount on the UK site. they also do free shipping no matter what the value of the order, as opposed to minimum $60 on the Australian site.

  • Sorry I never buy from them before, are the PC games retail DVD copies or digital downloaded version?

    • They're hard copies. Shipped from the UK.

  • Some great CD prices there.

    I've not used the former CD-WOW in a long time.
    Are they reliable these days?

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      I believe so. Have purchased some BluRay box sets recently, came in one piece. They are owned by the same parent company as Video Ezy, hence the 20% off sale on the same day! Guess that's why Video Ezy's online prices are so cheap (for games, at least) nowadays.

    • Still waiting for my copy of Assassin's Creed III. I pre-ordered it, but they didn't actually ship it until 6 days after release. It's been 15 days since then, and my mailbox is still empty.

      • I'm in the same boat as Namarrgon with AC III. So I just cancelled my Far Cry 3 preorder from them.
        And when I got Prototype 2, it has a DLC code that did not work. I'm not sure if that's because the game was from the UK and I'm in Aus or what.

  • Ah, thank you.
    I was wondering why the two sites were almost identical.

  • Even with the 20% off blu-ray it's not such a great deal. I mean take this for example with 20% off at WowHD they have Transformers blu-ray $19.96 + delivery (Kmart $16) and Transformers Dark Side of the Moon blu-ray $28.76 + delivery ($20 at Kmart). No bargains there. Better off just going down to the local Kmart and getting their every day price since it beats the WowHD sale price.

    • Have a look at the first comment, buy from the UK version of the site and you'll get either of them for $13.79 delivered.

      The Aussie version of WOWHD is a rip-off, stick to the UK site.

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