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[eBay Plus] Sony Alpha 7 IV Full-Frame Hybrid Camera (Body Only) $2609.10 Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


Looks to be an ATL for the Sony A7IV at $2609.10 after applying the coupon code FYEAR10.

Can price match with Sony and stack with available cashback offers at CR/SB.

Original Coupon Deal

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    A7 III is $1,889.10 with FYEAR10 code and can get $400 cashback:


    • wow, where is the $400 cashback from? (apologies if already posted somewhere)

        • Thanks for the link! I should have searched here instead of directly on Sony website (where they strangely don't feature this promo? someone in marketing needs a lesson…)

    • -1

      No cash back from eBay with discounts.

      • The lens I bought came with a tax invoice for the whole price with mention of an eBay discount. Submitted, I would expect the cash back.

        • Too late to edit - I meant NO mention of an ebay discount.

    • -1

      I personally didn't like the a7iii but do like the a7iv. There's lots of quality of life upgrades that makes it a much better camera.
      My main gripe was dial speeds, menu layout and video spec. Other than that it is a great sensor in an ok body.
      Good deal with cashback if you're not bothered by any of the mentioned points.

  • Insanely low prices!

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    Remember if you have the Amex $50 deal, it won't work with Sony Ebay, only their own website. I wonder if they will price match their ebay site?

    I got this down to $2,597 by price matching Camera House ebay, through their website.

    • is the sony cashback possible after price match?

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        Yes, Sony cashback promotion is applicable after price match. But, there is no cashback for A7IV under Sony's promotion.

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      I mean you can buy a Toyota Yaris or a Porsche 911, then ask why Porsche so expensive, any special with this car?

      • +7

        This isn't even a Porsche. This is more like everyone driving a 10yo Yaris (nothing wrong with that) wondering what's so special about an expensive Landcruiser when their Yaris picks up the groceries "just fine".

        For some people need a Landcruiser for a very specific job, like towing a horse float.
        For some people, a Yaris would be just fine for the grocery run but they choose a Landcruiser because they just like it and can afford it.
        For most people however, a Yaris is just perfect though.

        I think a Leica is more the Porsche of cameras. Practically unnecessary, but so very great in their own way.

        • +1

          Yeah better analogy for sure

          • +2

            @lawyerz: Wait until the dude finds out that this is like buying a Landcruiser without an engine and gearbox, as it still needs a lens.

            • @henno: I think that's more like no wheels and tyres.

              • +1

                @Banj0: You know, I almost went for that analogy and changed my mind. Because wheels and tyres aren't that expensive compared to the cost of the car (unlike a lens to a camera) and don't change the dynamics or use case of the car that much. So as the insufferable idiot that I am, I went for engine and gearbox as that might be a 'personal choice' depending on the end use for the 'vehicle' and costs a sizable chunk on top of the car's purchase price.

                • @henno: There is that. I was almost going to just say 'tyres', but then I thought adding the wheels might bring the comparative price up a bit! :)

        • you can also put the yaris on the landcruiser

  • If anyone is using gift cards, ebay has like a $1500 limit per transaction and $2k per day.


  • -3

    I've recently gotten into photography after some helpful info on here from Jimothy Wongingtons.

    The thing that is confusing to me, however, and shocking in many ways is how insanely expensive this hobby is.

    I see comments like "Insanely low prices!" Then reflect on the fact that most people I know (myself included) are nearly broke, probably barely have $3k in savings despite working and having to pay rebt like everyone else.

    If you can look at this and say "wow! Cheap!", what the actual heck does your life look like to be able to afford all this stuff AND still have the time to use said cameras and enjoy using them??

    • +1

      Life with no kids and no debt - only hobbies

      • Let's look at it from a practical monetary perspective, If you really enjoy photography as a hobby you can basically get away with using any camera. If your preferred genre of photography doesn't involve fast moving subjects a 2nd hand anything that has an interchangeable mount will do you fine. I bought a used Nex-5N for 50 bucks and it functionally produces the same images that I need as my a6700.

      • OR life, kids, mortgage but still plenty to spare? Most OZB users are on >500k per year.

    • Speaking for myself, I fit into this category. But it is not a $0 to $3k uplift for an item such as this, as upgrading usually involves selling the 'old' camera used for at least half of that gap or more.

      A bit like buying a $50K car isn't usually a $50K spend, as in most cases people in that category might sell their existing car for $30k.

      It certainly is an expensive hobby though, but there are much more expensive ones still.

    • +15

      If someone earns income as a photographer, it is an investment not only a hobby.

      For anyone barely have less than $3K in savings, stop visiting Ozbargain and try to get a better job or spend more time on improving your skills.

      Ozbargain just makes you spend less on something you want (or probably not initially) but it won't help you earn more.

      Back to the camera topic, if you buy this camera body, you will need to get a group of lenses which the total price may be more than that of the camera body.

      • -1

        "get a better job and improve your skills"

        Wow. You've solved poverty. Amazing.

        If only my neurodivergent brain would be fixed so easily

        • Poor people don’t drive far, nor do they do photography. Didn’t you know this?

    • +3

      Funny…I looked at it and said to myself "wow! Cheap!". Can't afford to buy one right now…but it's relative value I guess.

      Really, if you want to take nice shots you don't need this. There's plenty of used body options available which, with nice glass on them and in the right hands, will produce excellent captures with very nice image quality.

      • Funny…I looked at it and said to myself "wow! Cheap!". Can't afford to buy one right now…but it's relative value I guess.

        I think because even as widespread as photography is it's still kind of niche. If somebody buys the latest game console nobody bats an eye because it's such a normalised interest, but if your last current gen console was a PS2 and you buy a camera they assume you're flying business class. Different interests, same cheap food the rest of the year.

        Oh, and I also second the used gear option especially for somebody starting out, there's so many excellent setups to be had for a few hundred dollars.

        • +1

          For sure.

          I know people who go snow skiing too. Now that is an expensive hobby!

          Now we don’t have to process films or print…I think photography can be about as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.

          It’s the new gear that eventually trickles down to the used market, and as a big user of used gear I’m all on board with that!

    • +1

      I would advise you to steer away from Hi-Fi hobby then :)

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      This hobby often involves buying/selling used gear which makes it not as expensive as it seems.
      Over 2 years ago I bought a Lumix G9 for $999 and got ~$90 cashback as part of an Amazon deal. I later traded it on FB for a used Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 lens plus $200. Then I eventually sold the lens for $800, resulting in a ~$90 profit after using all of them for a considerable amount of time.

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      photography has NEVER been a cheap hobby. just like people who buy luxury watches.

      However photography can be done on the cheap. I buy a lot of my gear secondhand. I do know how my way around photographic equipments.

      You do not need the latest and most expensive gear to take great photographs.
      exception is wildlife/bird and fast action sports, especially birds. high tech and fast autofocus and lens with fast autofocusing help to nail birds in flight.
      Without the matching skillset, even those technology are useless.

      at the end of the day, do what gives you joy. dont be caught up in gear. you can take as good an image with a a6400 + 16-50mm and a A7 iv + 24-70mm

    • Expensive to get into however then the ongoing costs aren't too bad.

      Bodies and lenses can easily last 10-20 years and then you can resell them (although the resale price has dropped considerably over the past decade).

      I could spend $5K and have a decent kit of gear that will cover 75% of my needs. Spend $10K and have good gear that will cover 95% of my needs. Only real ongoing cost would be an Adobe subscription or otherwise.

      Compare this to the price of an equivalent road bike if you're into cycling, or a set of golf clubs (then the ongoing cost of course fees), or a $20K track car if you're into motor racing. That $10K worth of gear will last you at least 10 years so for $1K a year, that's a relatively cheap hobby.

      • +2

        You should never buy an Adobe subscription. Have you read all the latest news about them? Stealing everyone's work to train their AI?

    • -1

      Full Frame cameras have always been expensive. I've been in this hobby since 2008 and always used FF cameras, the prices haven't changed too much but what you get at that price is insane compared to what I got for a similar price in 2008.

      • I've been shooting since ~2000. Bodies have got a lot cheaper/stayed the same while lenses have all gone up in price.

    • -1

      Expensive? This is cheap for a full frame camera body. If you want cheap get a low end crop sensor camera or get an a6700, they're still not cheap though. Full frame mirrorless camera aren't cheap. I shoot with canon and they are even more expensive again. If you think this is expensive you've picked the wrong hobby. Wait till you need to buy lenses

    • +1

      Used gear; there are so many used cameras and lens that are in top condition on eBay, etc.

      The most recent digital cameras have shift focus (no pun intended) to videography. There have been improvements in autofocus speed and accuracy however older DSLR cameras can still perform well with practice in comparison - kind of like how cars are advance these days but even ten years ago the fundamentals were the same.

      I mentioned lens earlier as that is the other, and sometimes more expensive, part of the equation. Choosing a camera with a lens ecosystem that suits your photography as some are more limited or more expensive than others due to supply/demand.

      When I started, half of the lens I bought were used models as many are built solidly and will last years. For some popular new and used lens, especially the former bought on sale, they can maintain price and sometimes sell for higher later on.

      Some old camera models that would still perform well today for stills photography:

      Canon 100D - Very small, limited battery life and features but handy APS-C camera

      Canon 80D, 90D - Mid range versatile APS-C camera

      Canon 6D - Full frame bang for buck beginner camera

      Nikon D300s, D5 - Mid range versatile APS-C camera

      Nikon D750 - Jack of all trades mid range full frame camera

      FujiFilm X series especially X-Pro1, 2 - Street photography. Lens can be more expensive.

      There are various models including successors to the above not listed.

      Factor in accessories pricing e.g. memory cars, extra batteries, tripod, etc

    • You can get a decent new camera and lens kit for under $1300 (after factory $400 cash back) like this OM SYSTEM OM-5 and 12-45mm Lens Kit. It has most of the advanced controls and common focal length for majority of use cases to you busy fine tuning techniques for a long while. There are plenty of cheap second hand of various brands MFT zoom and prime lenses if you want to go niche.

      • I have a G9i which came with a battery grip, 12-60 (non-leica) lens and a $100 gift card for $1399 late last year. Have not seen a deal as good for it since.

        I am honestly greatly satisfied with MFT stuff so far. Recently got the 100-300mii from Japan new for ~$540 AUD equivalent and knowing how big lenses of equivalent focal length are on ff systems, I don't feel much envy

    • It doesnt have to be expensive. You can do photography on your smartphone, just like you can do cycling on a $50 kmart bicycle or a $10,000 carbon fibre bike.

      'insanely low prices' are relative to what it would have been otherwise. Camera bodies is not something one changes often either - I'm still using my 9-year old camera body.

      Then - you can sell it 2nd hand for a chunk of it's value as well after using it for a good number of years. See A7III for how well the value has held up.

    • you need to start selling some crack

    • cant be more wrong. photograph happens to be a hobby that skill matter way way way more than the camera, an experienced user with kids camera can out perform normal user with pro cameras.

      • -2

        How can I be wrong when I didn't make any statements?

    • There aren't many cheap hobbies in my opinion. The deeper you get into it, you just end up finding different ways to spend money haha.

  • Anyone able to get Sony to price match their own eBay store. They rejected mine with a generic message that explained nothing.

    • +1

      Did you go to the chat? Better than just send the request

    • +1

      i got rejected because the sale is just for ebay members (plus membership)

    • I was able to get pricematch with eBay sale just last week via live chat. B&M Sony stores won't though. I ended up just buying from the original seller anyway as they had stock and Sony didn't, and I liked my chances of also getting cashback via the 3rd party more than if I bought from Sony after pricematch.

      • i assume that ebay code you use is open for public, not just ebay plus member

        • It was the NONFY20 coupon. Whatever that was.

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    as of the moment the promo code FYEAR10 is applicable for Ebay members. We can only match price for the current public advertised price . No worries though as we already raised this one to our relevant team . As soon as we get any response if we can process this price match request I will inform you via email

  • +1

    Awsome price. I wonder if the price has been dropped to clear stock….it can't be…not this early…there aren't even rumors on its replacement

    IMO I think the Nikon Z III is an indication on whats to come for the A7 V, faster readout (less rolling shutter), more high speed/res video options, more burst fps, better AF all via a partially stacked BSI sensor……but if the A9 III sensor is anything to go by, with a reduction in dynamic range.

  • what people are using A7 to shot nowadays, asking as a day by day person. I have rarely seeing people carrying A7 around the street neither I will not take it out as daily gear for photo shotting. Please ignore the question if you are a full time photographer and living depending on it

    • i own fuji and sony, i would lean towards using fuji for street photography, but not with Sony on street photography, from my point of view only.

    • I use a Sony a9 for street photography with lenses such as the 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.4, 70-200mm 2.8. It gives you a unique look and great performance

      • +1

        Don't know why you got downvoted. To each their own. I shoot street with Fuji and Sony and feel they both have their strengths

        • Maybe because a lot of people think that street photography is using a wide-angle lens with a closed down aperture (and ideally with technically primitive and overpriced jewellery like a Leica). They don't stop to think that all the photos of this genre look very similar to each other because of this herd mentality. Historically AF was not good enough to shoot anything other than this type of camera/lens. But with tech like the Sony A9 and fast (both light and AF) lenses like the 50mm 1.2 you can do more.

          On another note, I don't really see many advantage to an APS-C camera anymore; they are not much cheaper, they are not much smaller, and full frame lenses at equivalent apertures are better (e.g. a 85 1.8mm full frame is better and sometimes even cheaper than an 50mm 1.4 apsc lens). Saying that though I do like the Fuji design and aesthetics, and they may have some ergonomic/software reasons to better than Sony but i am not familiar with Fuji cameras.

    • Astrophotography.

  • +1

    Sony has the best autofocus/tracking but competition is catching up. Overkill for ozbargain. I'd say this is a deal more for those "above enthusiast"

    • Nah.. 5 years ago maybe true. Canon has caught up and even better especially for video af. The Canon video af is so smooth and not jerky at all. This was already the case few years back where Canon already surpass Sony for vidoes af.

      • But how much is that Canon you're talking about? Yeah ok

        • +2

          Canon R6 II has exceptional AF (plenty of reviews on that) that inherited a lot of autofocus capabilities from the EOS R3, can be bought for $3k when there's a sale or rebate. If you are on a budget, an R8 can be bought for as low as $1800. It uses the same AF system and sensor from the R6 II, minus a few pro features like dual card slots, IBIS, high burst rate etc, but more than sufficient for enthusiasts. And it is lighter than even an a7c II.

        • Yup as the earlier comment , Canon R8 is a beauty AF wise in both video and photo.
          And yes it does not have IBIS, but A7 III ibis too jerky for video… Lens Stabilisation is better.

          Anyway at the end this just putting it out there, 10 years ago when Sony started with mirrorless camera yes their AF are superior but other brands have caught up etc..

    • Overkill for ozbargain. I'd say this is a deal more for those "above enthusiast"

      Nothing is overkill for ozbargain. Regardless of budget at both ends of the scale, most people want to pay well below RRP hence the purpose of OB. Other cases in point - previous posts on EVs and graphic cards.

    • Can I interest you in a coffee machine instead?

  • Fully satisfied with my A7iii 😂

    It would be nice to way a backup though.

  • Wow, 24 sold so far

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