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Apple Australia Black Friday Discounts


Apple has launched its one day Black Friday sales in Australia. Discounts are as below:

  • iPad with Retina Display. $41.00 Off
  • iPad 2. $31 Off
  • iPod touch. $31 Off
  • iPod touch 4th Generation. $25 Off
  • iPod nano. $11 Off
  • MacBook Pro with Retina Display. $105 Off
  • MacBook Pro. $105 Off
  • MacBook Air. $105 Off
  • Various Accessories

You might be able to do better discounts elsewhere, either by asking or taking advantage of sales, but if you want to deal directly with Apple, then it's a nice little bonus.

Also check out the Refurbished section of Apple's online shop. Discounts are typically bigger and the products are in perfect condition.

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  • +12

    Officeworks! I am coming!

    iPad with Retina display Wifi 32GB
    Officeworks $648
    Apple today $598
    Officeworks $598-5%=$568.1 (price match-5%)
    Officeworks $568.1-5% = $539.70 (ING paywave 6 times or Coles Group giftcard)
    iPad with Retina display Wifi 64GB
    Officeworks $758
    Apple today $698
    Officeworks $698-5%=$663.1 (price match-5%)
    Officeworks $663.1-5% = $630 (ING paywave 7 times or Coles Group giftcard)

    • -11

      Officeworks won't price match online and iPad can't be purchased in-store (pick-up only).

      • +2

        Yes they will, They just factor in shipping charges which are $0 from Apple in this case.
        Better be quick because I am pretty sure OfficeWorks will drop their price today relatively quickly.

        • OW didnt price match, they said apple return policy is 14 days and their is more. what a …..

        • -6

          Officeworks' terms and conditions indicate my comment is correct:

          "You can redeem the Lowest Price Guarantee (LPG) by visiting your local Officeworks store, by fax or phoning in. You can not redeem the LPG via our online store.

        • +2

          complain to ACCC, ACA, or today tonight

        • yeah that's the same bs response they use when the price cuts on their over-inflated profit margin. by that logic they can refuse any and every deal in Australia because no store has the exact same return policy.

          someone please buy a laptop, use it for 3 years and return it for a full refund? :)

        • +3

          Officeworks' terms and conditions indicate my comment is correct:

          they mean you can't pricematch from their online store. you can still price-match in-store any deals from online stores, like apple in this case

        • Looks like Officeworks now at the same price

        • Tell them Apple have holiday season return policy

          "Items purchased at the Apple Online Store that are received between October 27, 2012 and December 25, 2012, may be returned through January 7, 2013. "

          So actually better than Officeworks

        • I price matched the keyboard, mouse and trackpad and got 5% off the discounted price on apple website

          They didnt want to do it, so i asked them to show me where it says they wont, guess what they did it no problem.

        • If officeworks don't need to price match Apple cos of their excuse that it is not the same return period, then why did they lower their prices..

          OW is pretty dodgy and make up any excuses to avoid the LPG.

          Yet this shows that the policy is dodgy cos they just lower their prices.

    • Officeworks only price match on EXACT terms,they are saying apples return policy is not the same as theirs so they wont match, try getting them to price match BigW account that worked for me.

      They would only proce match on a 30 day account though.

      Paid $568 for Ipad 4th Gen WiFi32gb

      • how you do it?

      • If officeworks don't need to price match Apple cos of their excuse that it is not the same return period, then why did they lower their prices now..

        OW is pretty dodgy and make up any excuses to avoid the LPG.

        Yet this shows that the policy is dodgy cos they just lower their prices.

    • @tg i'm curious where you get your coles group gift cards cheap?

      Entertainment book only does coles gift cards (not coles group)

      Sometimes i take the coles gift cards to coles and use them to purchase a handful of groceries and the balance on a coles and myer group gift card, eg take $500 card in buy $25 worth of groceries and a $475 coles and myer group card. But it requires you to find a checkout operator that doesn't care and I only have about a 50% success rate doing this.

    • I didn't know it was possible to paywave a couple of times for the same product. Do you tell them to charge it in multiples of $99?

  • +1

    Apple, where is iPad mini???

    • +4

      Too popular to discount.

  • +1

    HAHA! I told a broke friend the other day to hold off buying a MacBook Pro for another week but he didn't listen to me and bought one last night for full RRP. Can't wait to show him this today.

    • +8

      If he bought it directly from Apple, he can return it and get a new one. A lot of hassle though. Also, he might be able to give them a call if it hasn't shipped and see if they will give him a discount. Might be worthwhile suggesting this after having your schadenfreude moment :)

      • He bought it in-store, would he still be able to take it back?

    • +33

      broke but buys a Macbook Pro at RRP…hmmm I see

      • +36

        Thats your typical apple consumer

        • +1

          Typical customer would have lined up to pay RRP the night before launch.

  • +2

    Sale seems pretty poor for accessories compared with last year. Was hoping to pick up a discounted speck case, no dice.

    • Speck's doing Black Friday deals.

  • +26

    for one of the richest companies in the world they give pretty bad discounts.

    • +9

      $600 product… $30 discount… What a bargain!

    • +13

      And that's why they're rich…

    • Tim Cook doesn't work for free.

    • +1

      for one of the richest companies in the world they give pretty bad discounts.

      They're not one of the richest companies in the world. They are the richest company in the world. They're sitting on over 100 billion in cash reserves, and their market cap is #1 by far.

      But you don't have to give discounts even if you're rich, as long as their customers are willing to pay full price, which it seems they are.

      • their market cap is #1, but not by far. ExonMobil isn't that far off.

        • They recently overtook ExonMobil.

        • OK, so they have one rival at their shoulders. But compared to all the tech companies like MS, Google, Samsung, etc, they are far ahead.

        • +1

          They're not a tech company, they're a marketing company.

  • its more like 10% off

  • No deal on the ipads - BigW has sold them for around this price most of the time (if not all) since it was released.

    • +1

      you are right for the 16gb, but for the 32gb and 64gb it is 50 off bigW's price.

  • +2

    I love a discount as much as the next guy, but this is not even 10% discount on the Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

    You will save more if you hang around until JB Hifi do one of their 10% off all Mac Products deals.

    Or just find a student and get them to buy it for you. Student store gives you 10% discount.

    • could you use a student discount on top of this?

      • I checked - no you cannot.

        On the mac 13", the black friday price is cheaper than student discount

    • So normally, students get 10% off at any apple store?

      • +1

        No. Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far, away, but generally as years go by the difference between student and retail prices has diminished considerably. More like 6 or 7% these days.

        • Hmm, still great. So what do i need when i purchase anything from apple store now? Just student card?

        • You don't even have to put in your student card. It is an honour system. I've never heard of anyone's ID being asked for, but there is a limit on the number of products you can buy per year as a student - one desktop and one laptop springs to mind.

        • what's about ipad or iphone? will students get discount on them as well?

        • No

  • damn, it doesn't stack with student discounts =[

  • Is it available in-store as well?

  • Officeworks only price match on EXACT terms,they are saying apples return policy is not the same as theirs so they wont match, try getting them to price match BigW account that worked for me.

    They would only proce match on a 30 day account though.

    Paid $568 for Ipad 4th Gen WiFi32gb

    • +7

      More OW bullshit to get out of the deal.

      Complain to ACCC, so that it would force them to stop their misleading ad.

    • +1

      Can you attach the receipt please!

    • +2

      That's rubbish. Should have bought one just to return it later with that attitude.

      How long did they say their change of mind warranty? According to their online terms and conditions, no time limit is mentioned.


      • +2

        I asked that, they said no limit. I would love to try it

        • please do. especially if you go overseas and can claim TRS - free money ;)

  • After the discount iPod touch 4th gen still more expensive than OW.

  • +1

  • +4

    I am uninspired with Apple's once a year events, seems to be the same discount level on the same products every year. Most of the discounts can be had by asking a retailer any day of the year!

    • +1

      Yeap agree… nothing special especially for a once a year sale……

    • +2

      The price on 32GB and 64GB ipads is pretty good.. cheaper than BigW.

  • I'm looking to purchase a MBP today. So far dicksmith have the best price on the particular model i'm after at $2879.10. JB will price match if it's not available at DS.

    Kogan was down at $2.8k for a while but they seem to have bumped it back to 3. Am I missing any other retail stores with lower prices to price match with at JB?

    • +1

      Just tell JB you've seen at $2.8k from Kogan and see if they will meet that. Worth a shot.

    • +16

      I'd rather use Sennheiser or a proper audio brand.

      • +11

        yeah, no one who actually cares about audio would go near apple earbuds

  • +10

    These are small discounts on already expensive items, most of which have been able to be obtained from retailers for less. I don't understand why no-one is negging this so I'll be the first.

    • +5

      it means a lot to those broke and buying macbooks at RRP who can now afford some bread and milk to see them through till the next credit card deadline ;)

  • Does anyone know if Apple do any iTunes store discounts during Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

    I've accumulated nearly $100 in cards & would love to maximise their value :-)


  • Officeworks changed their price for apple products.

    No time for price match


    • They refused to 5% discount and now they reduce the price. Lol

      • That's why I say their excuse is bullshit.

        If there was no need to pricematch then they didn't need to lower their prices.

  • +12

    I have been waiting for today for what? this? - really let down, if this was any other supplier here at OZB it would be full of negs for the lack of discount/bargain content. and no mini ipad deal to boot, pppffttt F U Apple I will get it from another supplier. lol yes I am annoyed.

    • Damn straight! You deserve a discount, Apple owe it to you. You stamp your feet loudly and proudly gurfrand!

      • +10

        I'll show you Apple, I'll buy it from another suppplier for 3% less! Take that

  • +1

    Whilst I agree the discounts aren't fantastic, there are at least some discounts on things that you normally can't get any cheaper.

    For example, BTO macbooks. I don't think any store like DSE or JB HI FI will do discounts on BTO orders, yet you can get $105 (yes I know it's not great!) off through today's sales. If you only need a standard config, then of course for most macs you're better off getting it at DSE or JB HI FI with a 10% discount.

    The other couple of worthwhile discounts is the iPad 4th gen 32GB and 64GB models.

    • +1

      JB will sometimes give a discount of custom orders during 10% sales if you ask nicely

  • When does Australia Apple sale expire according to Australian time?
    Is that good deal for Ipad 4th gen + 4G?

  • Bought iPad smart cover. $10 off is a good deal for a $44 item

  • Excellent price on the 32GB wifi iPad, kogan price but GST-ified for TRS purposes.

    Shouldn't have bought the 16GB from big w last week :( oh well, I think I can last with 16GB until the 5th gen comes out.

  • JB near mine price matched the online prices no problem, so 64gb wifi for 694.

  • +8

    HAHA, Apple & discounts… what an oxymoron.

  • +8

    I was never expecting Apple to be overly generous, though I also feel that Apple should not be given special treatment, as any other brand would be blasted on here for such small discounts.

    1. No iPad Mini discount.
    2. The iPad 4 16GB Wi-Fi already costs $498 at Big W, so this device was really not discounted at all.
    • +3

      What the…. really? Black Friday discount? Negged.

      Disclaimer: Not anti-apple as I have the ipad2, iphone4s and a macbook; but these discounts are ridiculous.

      • +1

        I agree, but it isn't worth a neg tbh just because you don't like the % discount.

        Sure other stores like DSE have had better discounts in the past (20%) but currently Apple is offering the lowest prices. If you can find the discounted items cheaper elsewhere today then it's worth a neg.

        • +2

          Disagree. It has to be worthy of being called a bargain… not "the cheapest price today".

          For instance, since there are no SSD deals today (shocking!:P) so would that mean that the price in your local MSY qualifies as a bargain?

        • You can't compare Apple discounts to SSD discounts… Apple discounts happen a lot less frequently than SSD deals do therefore they are more worthy of being posted. Apple discounts are what, usually once a month? SSD deals on the other hand happen at least twice a week minimum.

        • Mate, you're entitled to your opinion as am I. :) I cited the SSD example just to illustrate my point.

          Still think the Apple Black Friday is a minor discount and in no way a true bargain. Anyway, someone revoked my neg as they didn't quite agree with me.

  • Does anyone know if JB will match the price for Ipad 4? thanks

    • +1

      If you bothered to read, I said a few posts above yours that mine did no problem.

  • +3

    Are these bargains? Ridiculous.

  • +2

    For Ipad 4 64GB, its ok, considering nowhere else has stock.

  • +3

    Let's revolt at the Apple store for pathetic discount!!!!

    • +1

      Lol.. I'd advise caution, they'll set the "geniuses"(genii?)upon you.

    • Apple products are revolting enough.

  • +6

    Pretty poor discounts. Seen better from retailers

  • +6

    I got the email from Apple this morning and thought this is pretty pathetic discount..and they only do it ONCE a year, seriously even other retailers have done better. No wonder there are die-hard Apple haters. However, I do admire their whole marketing strategy to be able to do a small discount with so many ppl jumping for joy. (I am neutral and I do have apple products)

    If this was from any other manufacturer or retailer, 5~10% off RRP would get negg'd pretty bad..

  • +1

    Not the cheapest, DSE right now has 10% off Apple computers.

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