20% Off All Travel eSIMs for Japan, NZ, Bali, Southeast Asia, USA, Europe & 100+ Destinations Plus IoT SIM Cards @ Lemon Mobile


🎉 Great News for Travellers and Tech Enthusiasts!

We're excited to offer an exclusive 20% discount on our travel eSIMs and IoT SIM cards! Whether you’re travelling to Japan, Bali, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe, the USA, China, India, or exploring over 100 other global destinations, or even if you need dependable IoT connectivity, stay connected seamlessly with Lemon Mobile.

Lemon Mobile, based in Melbourne, recognises how crucial it is to stay connected, whether you're travelling, working remotely, or integrating IoT solutions into your projects. Our travel eSIMs and IoT SIM cards are perfectly suited to meet your diverse connectivity needs, ensuring you’re ready to go wherever your journey or project takes you.

All our SIM card and eSIM products are designed for instant activation, offering a simple plug-and-play or scan-and-go setup. Fully prepaid, they incur no bills, no contracts, and no hidden fees. No activation, sign-up, or ID registration is required, and there's no waiting period involved. Just connect as soon as you land.

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Your Discount:
  1. Head to our website lemonmobile.com.au and peruse our selection of travel eSIMs and IoT SIM cards.
  2. Select the eSIMs and IoT SIM cards that suit your travel or tech needs and add them to your cart.
  3. Use the discount code ESIMIOT20OFF at checkout to claim your 20% discount.
  4. Gear up for your global adventures and tech projects with dependable and cost-effective connectivity!

This exclusive offer is our way of making global exploration and tech integration more accessible and enjoyable for you. Don’t miss out—this offer is valid until 20/07/2024!

Offer Ends: 20/07/2024

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  • We are travelling to Japan this December. What do you recommend?

  • +4

    Same discount as last month which only expired just over a week ago.

    OzB isn't meant to be used for free adz.

    • -8

      As long as the admins allow it, why not? And not everyone check ozb religiously

      • +1

        There's a search function, it's pretty self explanatory.

  • Does anyone use Saily/Airalo ? - if so how are they?

    • +1

      Have heard that Airalo is convenient/easy to use, but in my experience they're always more expensive. I usually buy my eSims from Klook or TravelKon.

    • I bought an esim recently for egypt from mobimatters. They had some very cost effective esims.

  • When will we get the physical sim after purchase? Is it pick up at the airport?

    • Hi, for standard post it usually takes one week to deliver, while for express post, the estimated delivery time is 1-2 business days. Note that sometimes it could take a bit longer for certain addresses.

  • +2

    Where's the awesome bargain

  • +5

    Bali: Small amount of data at full speed then unlimited capped at 128kbps?? What kind of scam is this?

    To echo others, just buy a sim when you get there.

  • -6

    We offer different plans to suit people's varying needs. We encourage customers to read through the product descriptions and make a decision.

  • +8

    Used these guys for NZ sims last month, very poor download speeds. Emailed the day after activation for support, still no response 2.5 weeks later.
    Would never use again.

  • -4

    Hi, our apologies for the connection issue. Please contact our customer service team via email at [email protected] with your order number for assistance.

    • +8

      Why? They didn't get a response after 2.5 weeks last time…

  • +5

    What a lemon! 🍋

  • This seems to be the cheapest rate for a USA/Canada eSIM that I can find …

    Unless anyone has any suggestions - and please don't suggest getting it in the USA … it was so fricken expensive last time I was over there last year..

  • +2

    Convenient when this member here posted in the last advertising post about 15% off code not working, rep doesn’t let them know there’s this 20% code in this oz-advertisement.

    Thought reps were supposed to be helpful to the community smh

    Buy a sim when you get there as per feedback above.

    • -4

      Hope you can unpublish this post. It is misleading since the discount code in this post only applies to eSIMs and IoT SIMs.

      • +4

        What if that member wanted eSIM or iot sim

        15% off All Our Travel SIM Cards, eSIMs, IoT SIM Cards , TikTok SIM Products and Custom Data Plans @ Lemon Mobile

  • +2

    Better deals available at airports upon landing. As per comments above. Discount is basically the normal price if you run the same promotion weeks between posts.

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