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Buy $500 Myer Gift Card, Get $50 Gift Card Free


Buy a $500 gift card in store and receive a bonus $50 gift card.

Gift cards have an expiry of 2 years.

Gift card must be a Myer gift card, not a Coles Myer gift card.

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  • Where is the info for this? Can you pay gift card by CC?

    • post says instore, have to check it out.

      • Thanks, shame Coles Myer gift card is not available for this deal.

  • Yes you can pay by credit card - I bought one today by credit card.

    For more information see the ads in the newspaper or read http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0,27753,24766081-462,0...

    This can obviously be stacked against any other Myer promotions, effectively giving you an extra 10% discount.

  • Good deal

  • hmmm… wonder if I should get one and wait for Wii to be put on special, effectively giving 10% + whatever discount they offering when on sale? Or better just to go to JB or something?

  • This is a good deal. As said above, this is basically a 10% discount card on any Myer product. Only you need to front up with $500 for the privelidge.

  • Hey guys,
    I was going to buy a Samsung LCD TV for $2600 at Myers next week.
    Can I buy 5 of these gift cards and then pay for the TV with them?

    • I can't see why not. I'd be open about it with Myer - I don't think there would be a problem.

    • Should be fine.. unless there's a limit to the number of cards you're allowed to buy.. I can't see how the person in the TV department could tell the difference between a promo voucher and a purchased one.

      • There is a limit of $5000 of gift cards, though I can not see any way they could track you buying multiple sets of $5000 cards in multiple transactions.

  • Guys, this offer expires on the 14th, this Sunday. hurry!!

    • Yeah thanks. I'll buy the gift cards this weekend.

  • I went to the shop today and saw this offer states that it expires on the 24th Dec.

  • That is good to hear zohan.

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