Should we wait to get a new phone?

They have jerked up the price for xmas and Galaxy S4 is slated for release early next year, so should we wait till January to buy a new handphone? Which is the best samsung under $350 prepaid?


  • cheap samsungs generally aren't that great. Its best to wait until Jan/Feb because most new phones will be launched during this time period. You could probably find a good cheap phone around christmas time.

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    yes you should wait..there are heaps of phone available Next year after Feb or after Q1 2013

    a New 5 inch HTC

    Samsung S4

    a new 5 inch rumouredly 16 megapixels Sony phone

    not to mention




    and Note 3 in Q3 2013

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      And then theres goinmg to be the iPhone5s and iPhone6 in q3 2013 and q3 2014…

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    My son wouldn't settle for a S2 saying he wanted a S3 just before S3 was released. Now he said he would rather wait for a S4. I wish he would say to wait for a S5 when S4 is released so I never have to spend any money on it.

  • hope we can get a sony nexus or nokia nexus…would be nice!

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      nokia nexus

      Not going to happen. Maybe if nokia tanks so much that google buys them out just for the patents.

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    i hear Blackberry 10 is being launched in Jan.

  • I bought my xperia s for 295 and it is a great phone for that price

    • Good price. Where did you get it?

    • i was recommended xperia s too. but i just need to know was the call
      volume or speaker volume LOUD (as say Samsung models which
      are mostly loud). I have tested xperia p and it was not loud enough.

      another thing are they any lag in surfing (assuming good connections)?
      does it stall sometime flipping between pages?

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