This was posted 9 years 5 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition $378 Inc Postage to Sydney


Kogan seems to have the best price on the GoPro Hero 3 Black edition at the moment being $349 without postage.
Postage to Sydney is $29
I have never bought from Kogan so I am not sure what their service is like.

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  • Anyone know how this compares to the Sony Action Camera? I've read some reviews on both but cant make up my mind.

  • Wow so temping, was tempted to get the Silver when JBHiFI had it for $378.

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    only problem is it wont get here before christmas

  • Just the camera etc. without mounts?

    Motorsport Edition not out as yet.

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      what's in the box:

      GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition
      60m Waterproof Housing
      Wi-Fi Remote + Key Ring
      Remote Charging Cable
      Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
      QR Buckle
      J-Hook Buckle
      3-Way Pivot
      1 Curved Adhesive Mount
      1 Flat Adhesive Mount
      Assorted Mounts and Hardware
      USB Charging Cable

      • No suction mount though.

      • anything for a motorcycle helmet? 3m tape and elastic headband do not count

  • Well the version sold on the official GoPro website includes some mounts, 2 or 3 stickon or 1 surf and tether from memory. So this one might too, though it does not say.

    Edit: I see looking from a PC it says what mounts come with it… on their mobile site it does not.

  • Has anyone looked into GoPro warranties with grey imports?

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      GoPro only comes with 1 year standard warranty and Kogan offers 1 year warranty on it as well

      So it 'should' be covered under Kogans warranty…

      However warranty on a camera with this type of lifestyle is always going to be hit and miss >_<

      • Richard Ryan on youtube (ratedRR) attached one onto an RC car with C4, blew it up and it was still working

  • Hero 3 White Edition $269.95 @ Paxtons ( free Paxtons Double Warranty)
    Daily Telegraph 12/12/12[name]=GoPro-HERO3—-White-Edition-%28Action-Cam%29-Digital-Camcorders&catalog[product_guids][0]=871807

    on Web Page
    Supplied accessories may vary by region or country
    60m Waterproof Housing, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, QR Buckle, 1 Curved Adhesive Mount, 1 Flat Adhesive Mount, Assorted Mounts and Hardware, USB Charging Cable

    Only difference seems to be it doesn't have Wi-Fi Remote + Key Ring + Remote Charging Cable

    • And it shoots at lower resolutions than the Black edition.
      The White has a 5MP sensor and shoots 1080p @ 30fps, the Black has a 12MP sensor and shoots 1080p @ 60fps along with better low light performance and a bunch of other additional settings.

      • the white is worse than the hero 2, don't bother. Hero 3 white is a hero 2 in smaller form factor with a few improvements, black is supposedly the big kahuna, has decent pics.

  • The gopro hero 3 cameras are all different. Each camera has different specs.
    White edition is the most basic model which is like the original hero with a better mic.
    Silver edition is the same as a hero 2 but also with a better mic. (I own a hero 3 silver)
    Black edition is the one with a whole new sensor. Thats the one that I'd call the 'new' gopro. The white and silvers are just facelifted models of the previous gopros with better mics and wifi functionality and smaller form factor. Same sensors.
    That is a very good price for a black edition shipped as when I was looking at the black editions they went for at least $430 posted.

  • +1

    Here is your comparison for anyone looking at the WHite/Silver/Black versions

  • I recently bought the GoPro 3 Silver from Amazon US for $300 delivered. Kind of annoyed I didn't wait for this deal for the Black version for a little extra. Excellent deal for the black edition.

    • if you read the review on amazon,you should not be annoyed. unless you desperately want that remote control, silver version is good enough.

  • I just go my black in the mail yesterday direct from Gopro. One happy man: )

    • How long ago did you preorder from them? The blacks are very thin on the ground and I really want one to take with me diving next Friday!

    • 399 + $84 shipping ? damn

  • i bought a hero 3 white edition a month or so back, it kept locking up when i was trying to file transfer via USB which was my only option at the time, i had to take the battery out each time to fix. Bit harsh when copying many files around 1-2GB each over usb 2. Google Hero freeze, mainly happened with the 2 and during recording. I'm not saying they're all buggy but do your research.

    The black seemed great to me but i couldn't get it here at the time.

  • Hey folks,

    GoPro 3 or GoPro 2 ?

    This suggests 2 is as good .

    • There are many video comparisons; this video compares the low light performance of the Hero 2 and Hero 3:

      Personally I am only interested in the Hero 3 because I aim to use it for diving where available light diminishes with depth.

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  • Sold out :-(

  • DAMN! This is what I get for waiting until I finish work.

    • So many deals I've missed as a result of doing that.

  • The new update is out for the GoPro app for IOS

    • and android :P

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    I missed out.
    Was this a sale price or is this going to be their normal price when they restock? Any thoughts?

  • +4

    This is great!. I'm going to buy one, strap it to my helmet and start filming my favourite hobbies; browsing reddit and ozbargain.

  • Got my Black Edition on Thursday from Pushy's, Pure awesome! Pretty much the same price as Kogan's with shipping and I have it now!

    • This one?

      That's not quite the same price as Kogan's

    • I don't think Pushy's were ever that cheap.

      • They were close! I posted a Pre-Order a while back, the post didn't get much interest but $424 incl postage was bloody cheap pre-order! (Considering its $489 RRP) And I get to use it for Christmas.
        Of course Pushys found out about OB and price went up.

        EDIT here was te OB Post

        • Yeah I know, I purchased mine through pushys after seeing that post =)
          We are talking about a $46 difference though.

        • True! But it's only $399 US to get it direct from GP (if you live in the states!) so we didn't do too bad :)
          Still don't no how Kogan does it!? The price of some of the tech gets so damn cheap!

  • Important Order Update


    Due to global shortage in supply of the GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition that you have purchased, we unable to fulfill your order for this product. Your refund will be issued within 24 - 48 hours.

    Payments made by Paypal Instant Payment will appear into the relevant Paypal account instantly.

    For Credit Card payments, please allow up to 7 days for your financial institution to process this transaction.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and look forward to assisting you if you have any questions.

    Kindest Regards,
    The Kogan Team

    My guess is they mucked up the price and rather than admit it emailed out a generic email. No option to wait until they are available and just go straight to a refund seems a bit to convenient in my opinion. Anyone heard otherwise?

  • just got the same email, im pissed!!

  • I also received that email just now.

    what a scam.

    • -3

      Will you explain the scam for those of us who are less enlightened?

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        Hi sir or maddam,


        • +1

          Instead of waiting a week, all of us that ordered could have sourced a deal elsewhere, but our money was tied up with a company who had no stock, or access to stock, yet still advertised the item as available.

          If you would like to get literal, the definition of scam from the first source in google lists this:

          A dishonest scheme; a fraud.

          Dishonest, to lie.

          Lied about availability.

          Case closed Domingo…. Case Closed.

        • +4

          Are you dating/working for Kogan?

          A 'scam' by a survey taken on Family Fued sides with my description of the term.

          I'm not an accountant or a tax lawyer or a judge or a person who takes the internet seriously, but I will make up things to entertain your definition of a scam.

          Let's start off by describing a couple possible scenarios of benefit for a retailer to perform such a scam.

          Say 300 people purchased 1 camera each at $378, that equals $113,400.

          If you needed a quick hundred thousand because certain debtors are behind on payments and you require a certain amount of liquid cash quickly to sustain your company, you advertise an unavailable item (scam) that gets people to input money into your account for the days you need it, then once you've received your regular payment you refund the monies.

          Or, you are having an end of year budget meeting and you require a quick $100k in the bank to fraudulently (scam) display that you have met sales targets and you keep your investors happy.

          This is most likely not the case AT ALL, but it could be, neither you or I know for sure.

          So for you to just assume they are not scammers is as ridiculous as me genuinely accusing them of running the aforementioned scams, which I am not, I was quite happy at venting "I also received that email just now. what a scam." after a failed bargain.

          In regard to how it affects my money, well, I had $756 (I ordered 2) sitting on a credit card and therefore interest was accumulating on the payment, albeit a minimal amount, but still an amount to cover your definition of being scammed, if not by them, then indirectly by them via my credit card provider.

          Would you like me to do the calculations to give you an exact monetary figure?

          Did you actually buy a camera, or do you just visit deal pages and make 'holier than thou' comments?

        • +1

          It also could be a marketing thing to advertise their site :D
          I also bought 2, and now I have to wait for this refund so I can go source another one…

        • well played sir :P

  • +2

    Also I don't see how there is a global shortage considering that you can walk into most JB Hifis and pick one up , granted for $100 more. Or even buy it direct for Go Pro to be shipped just into the New Year… Global shortage my ass.

    It is a shame when this sort of thing happens, fair enough if they mucked up the pricing but at least be honest about it.

  • +1

    Did anyone get one at this price?

  • +1

    Nope.. it appears everyone got the same email. I'll be doing my hardest to let EVERYONE I can know not to buy anything from KOGAN. This was my first and last experience with them.

    In Stock = Bullshit

  • +3

    I received the same email, their site tracks how many items they sell and later that day said the stock had sold out. There's no way they could have sold more units than they had entered in their system, makes it very hard to be an honest mistake. I passed up another option to buy one because i'd ordered through Kogan and now my son won't have the Christmas present he's been lusting after. I'd still be upset if they'd emailed me giving me the option to wait until January but not giving your customers that option make me wonder if it is the scam as garciaicrag suggests. Lots of great info on; What is bait advertising? Bait advertising occurs when a business advertises or offers goods for sale, knowing that it cannot supply them in reasonable quantities for a reasonable period of time. Kogan didn't immediately fixed the error, rather they waited 5 days before emailing their "customers". "Offering rainchecks ensures that consumers may still get the special deal even though the stocks have run out." I believe they should at least offer this to their customers. It might be cheaper for Kogan to do the right thing by their customers and provide this option or run to JB and buy their stock than risk issues with the ACCC.

  • +3

    I broke my own rule of 'never buy from Kogan' on this deal… They sent me several emails including one just the other day that my item was about to be shipped … And then the same email as everybody else that they are not going to be completing my order.

    Well cheers Kogan… You have affirmed my belief that you are a BS company … Not going to catch me out again.

  • +4

    Just made a complaint to ACCC. There is an online form for general complaints here -

    It doesn't seem right to take orders for an item they say is "In Stock" when it's not.

    • +1


  • +2

    Still no call from customer service at Kogan and they've refunded my money when I asked them if I could raincheck the item. I also made one of their OzBargain reps aware of this thread in hope they might join the discussion. Makes me wonder just how much of an honest mistake it was. I might need to fill in an ACCC form if they don't do the right thing and contact me.

  • +1

    I also have got this disappointing email. I replied straight away with a prompt reply stating pretty much exactly what was in the first email. Not answering any of the questions i had asked. I soon replied again being a little more specific and requesting a call back. NO email. No Call. I would be happy to wait for the product or even just to speak to someone. Bad move from Kogan so close to Christmas. How can u sell stock that you dont have! will also contact ACCC if i dont hear back. Will post if i find out any more helpful information or result. Merry Xmas…

  • The fact they advertised the item as "in stock" was obviously and deliberately deceptive, without offering rain checks and apologies to those who purchased the item then i'm sure the ACCC would find they were deliberately Bait Advertising. Do Kogan care? Depends on the size of the fine or legal battle. The bad press they receive if a currant affairs program does a report on Bait Advertising may cost them more financially in the long term. Kogan still haven't contacted me either. This is what you get for supporting an Aussie company and buying locally.

  • I got the same email as everybody else and my money refunded. The thing that really bugs me is I go in on this order very early (possibly the day it went up) wasn't on OzBargain yet. The item was still in stock a day or two later — yet even though I was in that early, I still didn't get the camera. So it definitely seems like Kogan never had any chance of getting any in for this price — I'm glad I didn't decide to grab a few other things with my order.

  • +1

    I gave them a chance to offer us all rain checks but I guess Kogan would rather we just contact the ACCC.

    Your order was refunded in full as we do not have confirmation of when this product will
    come back in stock.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to assisting you further.

    Kindest Regards,

    The Kogan Team

  • +1

    Have you all seen back in stock, wrong price.

    This is going to cause a lot of bad rep for Kogan.

    • Showing sold out - what was the price?

      • $419

        On Tuesday (when they had stock) I emailed asking if the customers who'd had been refunded could get it raincheck (at the $349 price) and their response on Thursday was:

        "We had limited stock of the GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition available at the price of $419, however this is no longer available on the website."

        As I understand it no one got the GoPro HD Hero3 black at $349.00, if that's the case then they might be guilty of bait advertising.

        If you are one of those who paid $349.00, I suggest you contact the ACCC using the link someone else supplied above and attention it to "Katy ACCC Infocentre".

  • If they cared about their rep they'd have better customer support and be honest with people.

  • Stock back in at 419 from Kogan for anyone keen.

    I'm gonna wait as its 29 extra for delivery and can't do TRS

    • I'd rather pay more than give my money to Kogan after they didn't offer anyone a raincheck. Eglobal are due to get more stock and they'll be $447 delivered.

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