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Be a Tightass Santa @ Jay Jays - Spend $50, Get a $10 Gift Card


As title says, spend $50 and get a $10 gift card from Jay Jays.

Gift card is valid for use from 7-31st January (post Xmas sales?).

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Jay Jays
Jay Jays

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    Title is a little backwards, it reads to me 'buy a $50 gift card for $10'

    -The voucher is valid from 7/1 - 31/1 not 7/1 - 13/1

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    I blame the heat for my backwards thinking this morning

  • I hope the great tradition of Aussie spelling "ARSE" is not disappearing. I keep seeing "ass" everywhere :( There's no donkeys involved, Jay Jays…

    • It's not going to be too long until all of our spelling is Americanized, I remember getting corrected in high school for writing 'colour' when I should have written 'color'.

      It won't be too bad as long as people don't start saying alu-mi-num instead of aluminium.

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