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DJ Hero 2 Bundle Only $15 (RRP $39) on Wii/Xbox 360/PS3 @ EB Games


I was browsing through EBGames for cheap games and I came across this great deal for the DJ Hero 2 bundle including the DJ set and the game itself. It's originally $39 for the Wii, and the cheapest I could find on eBay for the bundles were around $35+ including postage.

Not sure when the offer ends though, but they'll be going fast!

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    wow i remember paying $100 for this ages ago when it first came out, are they making more in this series ?

      • This article is from the 10th of feb last year though? :S

        I got this around 8 months ago when it come out, so why would they have canceled the development of a game around a year before they released it, seems odd. Also dlc for this is expensive :( and in relation to the article, there is not THAT much.

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          DJ Hero 2 came out in October 2010…

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    Nice find

  • With how often these sell for around $20, I'm shocked there are still more to sell.

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    "Due to continued declines in the music genre … These decisions are based on the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world's best interactive entertainment experiences."

    Don't they mean, "to generate the highest profit margins." ? Feeding us that line is just attempting to insult our intelligence.

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    Considering you get a piece of hardware with it, it seems dirt cheap.

  • Got the first one for PS3 and been wanting to get this on Wii for ages. Already called and am going to pick one up this morning. Thanks OP for letting us know.

    • WHy buy it again for the wii ?

  • Picked up PS3 one from Firle in SA. Still had a few xbox wii and ps3's an hour or so ago.

  • I would recommend buying one for all, I got one from big w around 8 months ago for $25, with 2 turntables and the microphone, the microphone is not very good at all, not to mention singing along to a mix of a song that changes by the other users interpretation makes it more then hard to sing to BUT the DJ sets are AWSOME, wish I could some how get the music off the game it's that good, highly recommend this!

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    Picked up last one in stock (PS3) at EBgames Altona Gate

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    one of the most underrated games ever. there i said it

    • Totally agree, a really fun game to play. It just has a slightly steeper learning curve than Guitar Hero etc … but once you get the hang of it, it's great.

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    1 left at Winston Hills and a few at Blacktown for anyone out west.

    • Seems like they're running out fast. It's real cheap and I was planning on buying the bundle but reconsidered once I realised that I dislike the songs.

      Enjoy the bundle though :)

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    I work at EB Games in Hurstville. I sold one today. It's the first one I've ever sold.

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    Thanks OP, picked up one at the Redbank (Qld) store today. They still had about 6 xbox and 2 Wii when I left. The boxes were marked $19 but scanned at $15 when I asked them. There's just one guy working there and he said he had been to busy to bother changing them for only a $4 difference.

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    Just started playing this again on the weekend actually. Hopefully i'll find someone online to play against now that they're on sale again!

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    confirmed about 10 or so in stock of xbox 360 at EB games Doncaster.

    I bought pre-owned DJ Hero(Original) Wii to go with it for $9!! some nice tracks and it's a hard game to find for a cheap price