[Pricing Error] Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime - $76 Delivered (Pre-Order)

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These are selling for around $200- $400 in Australia… get in there quick, won't last long at this price.

  • $220 @ Ebay AU
  • $369 @ Mightyape
  • $422 @ Fishpond

Price is £34.99 (£29.16) after VAT removal, + £19.30 delivery = £48.46 x 1.5626 (gbp-aud) = $75.72

Pre-order - Estimated delivery: 25 Jan 2013 - 13 Feb 2013

Box Contains
1 x OptimusS Prime figure
1 x Autobot Roller
1 x Spike Witwicky mini-figure
1 x Energon
1 x Instructions

I've put my affiliate link there if you'd like to help out… cheers


Mod: Some users have received e-mail from Amazon stating that it was a pricing error. See comment

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      1. This deal is for the Hasbro version of MP-10; the one you linked to on the TRU website. It doesn't have any disadvantages over the Takara Tomy's offering from Japan.

      2. Takara Tomy decided to re-scale the Masterpiece line. All the Masterpiece figures are smaller but more articulated with better transformations and detail. This is a FAR better figure than the original Masterpiece Optimus that was released a couple of years ago despite the lack of diecast parts.

      • Thanks for your input.

        I still prefer the Takara Tomy version if price wasn't an issue.

    • what's with the rear tyres being covered in that one? yuck!

  • Anyone knows if the trailer is included as it doesn't say it in the box?

    • Yeah mate, its in the product features…

      Product Features
      Trailer converts to battle station
      Matrix of Leadership fits in chest
      Energon axe snaps on
      Trailer has storage areas for Ion Cannon and Energon axe
      Ages 5 and up

      • Thanks! Just ordered one.

  • Seen Hasbro version of this under a $100 at Castle Hill Toys R Us so might be worth looking at your local Toys R Us

    Just something to consider, own the Takara version, quality heaps more solid vs plasticy Hasbro version just my opinion if cost isn't a factor.

  • what's the difference between this and the 25th anniversay one? I bought the 25th anniversary one a few years ago from toy world for $49, it's metal, same size as the masterpiece and has a base with sounds when you press the buttons.

    my 25th anniversary is by hasbro, from my research a while back, the takara ones have a shorter or longer smoke stacks (can't remember which one)

  • sorry for asking, this one metal or plastic?

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    I sincerely declare that I didn't go through the thread when I ordered it at 1am and was not aware of and believe it is not a pricing error. This declaration is made to Gerry Harvey from Harvey Norman based on my best knowledge and belief. Oops, I meant to Amazon.com.uk.

    Edit. Thank OP

  • -2

    Doesn't look anything like the movie version, disappointed? I usually buy the limited one com japan!

    • G1 > all

    • This 'is' the movie version, if you're going by the 1986 Transformers: The Movie.

  • reserved 2, due to that many positives. LOL.

    not a fan of transformers, but a fan of collecting these :)

  • how do u remove VAT?

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      it happens automatically when you check out.

    • It does it for you at checkout

  • People have been aware of this 3 days ago

    This link has over 16000 views http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/transformers-mas...

    Amazon must have over 100000 orders of this

    Wonder if its just a marketing scam to popularise this model over the Japanese one and possibly drive it out of the market

    If any of you watch leverage, Season 5 episode 14, "The Toy Job" , they did a scam similar to this , but i never thought it could happen in real life


    • lol 100,000…..

      • yeh, its ridiculous but this has been posted in so many blogs and forums

  • Always wanted an optimus prime figure as a kid in primary school, but they were crazy expensive I think and only kids who had been to the US seemed to have them.

    I'm tempted but my kids aren't into transformers yet so not sure I can swing a justification despite everyone saying it's a great price.

    Convince me to buy it! I actually got to the confirm purchase page and backed out as they only reason I was there at all was Ozbargain!

    • +1

      I'm replying to my own post - couldn't refrain - jumped back online this arvo and put an order in!!

      Remembered how much I wanted an optimus prime as a kid. Now I'll have one. Will watch the flick with my five year old soon and get him into it before the big reveal :)) Hopefully his younger brother doesn't bring any harm to optimus!


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    wow so this is an actual metal version and not the plasticky crap you find locally here?

    • -1

      metal … just a couple of pins for articulation.

      • plastic!

    • +1

      Eurgh. I hate having to dispel this myth amongst people who haven't bought toys in years, but die cast is not automatically 'better' and plastic doesn't mean it's cheap or crap.

      Plastic has moved in leaps and bounds since the 80s and now allows far more precise engineering than would be possible in a steel build. Compare the complexity between something like the ROTF Leader Prime or Prime Voyager Bulkhead to something from G1. Plastic allows ball-joints, lasting ratchets, lighter construction etc. I love my G1 figures too but now they have all the flexibility of geriatrics with hip replacements.

      EDIT: Goes double for people who think Takara Tomy is automatically better than Hasbro. While it's sometimes true due to more show-accurate Japanese paintjobs, sometimes the TT versions are outright ruined by things like sticker sheets and peg-holes.

  • if i order now and cancel before they ship is that possible?

    • yes any time until it ships with amazon.

      • in the email it says there is a 7 day cancellation period…

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    Here's a review - looks like it's all plastic except the matrix. That's a shame:


  • I can't believe the things I buy sometimes!

    Ordered a couple, will make nice presents during the year.

  • -1

    bugger me its plastic sigh

  • -3

    can never buy anything off amazon…. always says doesn't send item to your location etc
    + this might be a fake too considering the cheap price of it in comparison to others

    • Sometimes they don't send to a PO Box, i had to send it to residential address

  • I bought it becos it' not needed…..Am I really crazy??

  • I still have an original G1 Optimus Prime, but it's been well played with when I was 10 years old. I bought this and reckon I'll keep it in the box for my own son when he grows up… or keep it for myself if I can't let it go. ;-)

    • Same here :)

  • are there any fees for cancelling a pre-order?

    • lol

    • +1

      no but it'll cost ya an Optimus Prime

  • i want to order an extra and make use of the cheap combine shipping but don't want to cancel my original order made at 2am this morning, is there a way to do it?

    • Start up a chat session with their online help. Ask them to add the item to your existing order. Explain to them which shipping option you want etc.

      • i actually might get them to add another order too… hmmm

    • +1

      Not really. Just go to account > orders > cancel. You don't really need a reason and it's a pre-order so should be fine. Then just go through the same procedure but add 2 items.

  • cheers snp

  • here's a list of all the Optimus Prime G1 toys so far.. include this Hasbro one


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    buy this and throw it in time capsule.

    20 years from today

    Sell it on ebay1337 or go to Japan and sell it on Mandrake.

    $$$ huge profit $$$

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          Broden's bro?

  • guess im too late :(

    Some items are no longer available
    We're sorry. Some items became unavailable after you added them to your shopping basket. Click here to return to the product detail page and try another seller.

    Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime - Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

    • hopefully they'll get more stock

  • Check this review out and read the comments guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBCJ0pvIvkk&NR=1&feature=fvwp

    Apparently they're releasing this for $100 soon around stores.

    Either way still a great bargain, thumbs up!

    • $100 was the US price, before it went up. It's $150 on the shelves in Toys R US Australia if you can find one.

  • Thanks for the bargain… Happy for this to join the ranks of my Optimus Prime collection :)

    • you = forever alone

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        If only that were true… ;)

  • Sold out!

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    Wife says no :(

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      hit her

      • lol

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        dont hit her

        SPANK her lol

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          na… just hit her, doesn't matter where.

  • Damn it didn't get my second

  • +3
    • +1

      Mr "I have 30" above who has long erotic showers in his own money.

      • lololol
        never saw the invoice for that.

    • +1

      I was expecting to see:

      "Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime Toy $400 ono. Will be available in approx 2 months."

      • agree. unless this person bought more than one. there's no profit there.
        plus don't even see the point of selling it that cheap.

        unless… unless they saw the error in their ways by ordering more than one
        and genuinely wants to bring joy into a childs life by offering it an affordable price.

        if thats the case they should be banned as an ozbargainer.

        • i think he is doing a good deed, not actually selling it, just letting people know through gumtree - he has put the direct link to amazon on there.

          actually with his own referral link ( i think ) - maybe it was the op ….

          or someone else, nice little earner if it was still available ….

        • true. how much can you earn with the link?

        • not sure, lots of people doing it with deals from amazon though.

        • not sure with this but usually around 5% of the value after VAT removal.

  • Hello

    We’re writing to let you know that the price for the following item(s) was displayed incorrectly when you placed your order:

    'Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime' (ASIN: B00AJJ6H0E)

    Despite our best efforts, with the millions of items available on our website, pricing errors can occasionally occur.

    In our Conditions of Use and Sale (see http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeI...), we state that where an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, cancel the order and notify you of that cancellation.

    Your order has now been cancelled. If you still want to purchase this item, please place a new order which will be charged at the correct price, when we dispatch it to you.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope to see you again soon.

    Warmest regards

    Customer Service Department

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      it's 3:55am… why are you still up??

      • Why are you still up?

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