expired FiiO E17 Alpen DAC & Headphone Amplifier + FREE Brainwavz Beta $114 Free Delivery


So much for my new year's resolution of not making impulse purchases, decided to add this to my collection when I saw the price today and since there are fellow ozbargainers who are also into this stuff, decided to post.

There are several e17 deals at the moment. This one comes with a pair of free Brainwavz Beta earphones (odd pairing if you ask me, as Betas are towards the low end of Brainwavz range ($14 ish when they are on sale), nevertheless won't say no to free earphones).

The Fiio E17 is:
A portable headphone amplifier with USB audio decoder (DAC) is designed for dual-functionality. The E17 both replaces PC on-board sound cards as the primary audio decoder, which can lead to an increase in audio quality, as well as provide high quality sound amplification and drive high-powered high-end headphones. The E17 support different inputs including optical and coaxial.(this was the description from MP4Nation)

A detailed review for the fiio e17:

If you use the discount code fb2012fiver, the price comes down to AU$114, including delivery and a free pair of Branwavz Beta.

There is also this deal for E17 that comes with a headphone stand:
$128 delivered after you apply the code. Bit more expensive, but could be better if you are after a headphone stand too.

If you are OK with it, my referral link:


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    dammit, could have saved $15 on my order from MP4Nation if i waited til now!!!

    i bought the e17 with headphone stand, plus L7 and L9. still awaiting delivery from 19 dec (despatched to australia on 23rd).


    Would these go well with senheisser hd650s?


      Sure, why not.


      Those hd650 from the last amazon.fr deal? FYI goes really well with the o2 + odac combo. E17 as a DAC has a comparable performance to odac but o2 is considered a better amp (from my read up, I do not own an E17). However the hd650 is less than 300 ohms and should not be a problem.


      You wear HD650's outside your house…?

      Keep in mind this is a portable amp, it will drive HD650s but if you don't use them outside get a proper amp.


    would these improve the Audio Technica M50's a great deal?

    Currently using the M50's to listen to my Galaxy S3 and music off the laptop as well.


      I would say it mainly depends on the quality of the sound card of your laptop. In most cases I would hazard the answer would be "yes" but depending on brand etc. it might not be a significant improvement. I have an older Asus U80 (great laptop BTW) but the soundcard on the thing is atrocious which is why I am looking at a portable DAC.

      In terms of amplification the M50s are efficient and should be fine without any amping, amping may improve the sound quality a bit but I doubt that by much.


    guys a question: why do we need a stand? any good reasons?

      • Most important reason for me is that the stand keeps the headphones fairly safe. I absolutely hate dropping the headphones on the ground (which keeps happening if I leave them on the table).
      • If your headphones are full size ones, headphone stand saves you a fair bit of space on the table.
      • Looks nice.

    Cheers OP, have been waiting for a deal on one of these for a portable setup.


    Cheers OP, have been waiting for a while for an OK deal on those.


      No worries. Lets hope it's as good as it sounds.
      (Or it sounds as good as it sounds haha)


        supposed to be great for the price. as far as i've read, you'd be hard pressed to find a better portable dac/amp for the same price.

        mine arrived yesterday, but unfortunately i can't give any feedback because i'm temporarily deaf!

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