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Free Sample of Vaginal Moisturiser from Replens


Just fill out the form to be sent a free sample.

Product information can be found here.

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  • +11

    Just buy some. Don't be such a tight arse.

  • +10

    Thanks OP………just in time for Yeaster.

    • +1

      Yuk!! Loll

  • +1

    Will this work on uranus?

    • +2

      no the expiry date comes before you get too uranus try for the moon.

  • +1

    "2. Information will be used for research purposes only."
    I have a feeling they're gonna see a large increase in dry vaginas because of OzB.

  • +3

    Mother's Day just around the corner peeps…
    Think of it as buying a fresh coat of paint for your old cubby house!

    • +1

      If its peeling, remove any flakes and sandpaper down first then apply first coat

  • +1

    Great for removing those cobwebs!

    • No, that's what the $1 Pressurized Air Cans are for.

  • +1

    is there one for guys or are they still testing it

    • +8

      they are having trouble finding men with vaginas,

      however they have caught wind that there are a lot in thailand

      • +1

        I thought they were fish markets…

      • Come down to St Kilda some time. Plenty of man with vaginas… also plenty who ARE vaginas…

    • +2

      Real men don't have dry vags.

  • +8

    Ahhh that was some good reading.

      • +5

        My mum uses something like this I think. Apparently when you go through menopause your vagina dries up like nobody's business, if it dries up entirely it can get quite painful.

        You can go on hormone replacement therapy but there have been some concerns about that lately so this is essentially being marketed as an alternative to HRT.

  • +7

    Plus 1 for the entertainment.

  • +5

    Better snatch them up quickly! I fear the bargain will climax abruptly…

  • +1

    had to give one +ve just due to the funniness :D

    • oh!…and I may order some :/

  • A moisturiser may not help your dry spell

    • It's not lubricant.

  • +1

    You need to be a twat to use this.

  • +1

    I like how the ad in the middle of the comments is advertising menstruation cream

  • If they could just do this as a slurpee flavor…

  • Vaginal Moisturiser, Bogan Condoms….

    What's next?

    Abortion kits?

  • +1

    sigh…this came too late for the free ikea baby cot :(

  • +3

    visits deal
    immediately scrolls down to comments
    sees 143 comments

    This is why I love OzBargain.

    • +4

      loving the comments
      people just ovaryact to posts like this

  • Let it be said there have been some very slippery yet penetrating comments here. Personally, I have decided not to take advantage of the generous offer of free vaginal moisturisers. It was a personal decision based on the fact that I prefer to let nature take it's course and it also stems from my recent self-realisation and personal awakening. My spiritual helpers also reminded me I have a penis.

  • +2

    Does this come in a nice box?

    • An optimistic friend of mine said some are better than others. A pessimistic one said they are all the same if you turn them upside down.

  • Great for all areas!

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