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$1 Including Shipping for Personalized Playing Cards or Mouse Mat from ArtsCow


Personalized playing cards or mouse mat for $1 delivered. I don't use mouse mat but have purchased the playing cards and put a photo on the back that pleased the recipient. Code can be used for 1 item per email address.
I got the code in an email from ArtsCow. It says I get a credit for each time is is used so if this should be in forum can Mods please move.

EDIT, Sorry, i dont understand their logic but you can get your own unique code from the link above. Code seems to be single use only.

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  • +1

    I need a mouse mat, might as well get a custom one. Thanks!

    EDIT: You're link is wrong. Should be .com not .com.au - the latter goes to a spam park site.

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        Thanks autocorrect :)

  • Site doesn't work

  • It says this is for single use only.

    Can someone PM me a code.

    You'll get the referral credit and I'll get my $1 playing cards.


  • Does not work on large mousepad for me.

  • Someone PMed one to me and it says single use only.

    Maybe if you've used one of these in the indeterminate past you can not use it again?

  • Doesn't work. Says its single use and was used already…

  • If anyone wants to try another code this was the one emailed to me.. voteoften tried it out but it didn't work so sorry if you miss out :(


  • +1

    here's my code in case anyone can get it working

    • Thank you, your code just worked for me on the large mouse pad.

  • +1

    The way this deal works needs a bit more involvement from people, if it's similar to how these ArtsCow deals have worked in the past.

    Ideally you want to have a train of codes going on, i.e. Person A's code gets used by Person B, Person B's code gets used by Person C and so on and so forth, as each member has a code that they can share out.

    As for the quality of the pads themselves, I've had one since 2010 and it hasn't frayed, nor has the ink started to fade. Well worth the dollar.

  • I'd take a photo of one of the card fronts (eg King of Hearts) and have it made up as the back, that way that deck would have 53 Kings of Hearts depending on which card you looked at.

    And I'd do it 51 more times if the codes were not one use only, and I could have some real fun with stacking the decks !

    • +1

      If you bought 52 decks of cards you don't need a fake back, you would already have 52 king of hearts. But interesting idea for one deck..

  • Somebody PM me a code?

  • Z099PLAY6QT3A

  • I just registered and then used my own code from here: http://www.artscow.com/unique-code

    You can try my code if you like: Z099PLAY2GTXG

    I'm assuming you can get any item from http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/99cents-gifts for $1. :)

  • hey guys try this one

  • People can try this one also:


  • I got my mouse mat using the OP's code. Tried to get a 2nd mat under another account (for work) and none of the codes listed above worked. Not sure it looks at your IP or not. Oh well, one mat is better than none.

    Thanks OP.

    • +1

      yeah that's correct
      they will cancel your order if you make a new account and ship it to the same address to, apparently. Try making a new account and changing the spelling of your address like changing the spacing in the words or something. it's worked for me in the past

      • Last time this deal popped up I ordered maybe 5 mousepads from different email accounts/different IP's but to the same address with my same payment details. They all arrived, but I guess it could've been an oversight.

  • You can try my code :) Z099PLAYBXPSV

  • ..tried all the above codes…but annoying msg pops up..
    "Sorry, this coupon is for single use only. Our system has detected your IP address has already been used"..

    Don;t know what to do….Any help?

    • Try the new link for your own code.

  • Thanks. I was looking for a mousepad and hopefully the quality is as alright as the feedbacks suggest. Try my code Z099PLAYU69X7

  • Quality is not too bad. I use it at work daily, still fine and picture quality printed on is good to

  • try my code: Z099PLAYHVMXX

  • or try this one - Z099PLAYCWPK6

  • Ordered! Thanks for another great ozbargain deal :)
    Doesn't really bother me with the $1 credit, but another code for you guys to use : Z099PLAYVQSPK

  • This works too —-> Z099PLAYDSK2E

  • Here is the code i got


  • Z099PLAY98RBK


  • can someone PM me a code, I can't seem to get free shipping so far… thx!

  • Here is another coupon code for a 99c photo gift :) - SPREADTHEWORD

  • Z099PLAYC9WH7

  • My code!

    Bought $1 playing cards with customised photo on them, thanks OP!

  • My code: Z099PLAYYJAN5

    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks itx, I used yours.
    My code is: Z099PLAYCA5PJ

  • +1

    Received it few days ago. Very nice. Big and the kind of smooth that I like.

  • My code: Z099PLAY3SXNC

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