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Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB USB 3.0 @Harvey Norman $138


Delivery is $5.95 or free Pick up is available.

Product TypeExternal Hard Drives
BrandWestern Digital
Hard Drive Size3TB
System Requirements
Supported Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Product Height (cm)16.5
Product Width (cm)4.8
Product Depth (cm)13.5
Manufacturers Warranty
Manufacturers Express Warranty (months)36

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Bought one yesterday for $183. What's their policy on this sort of thing?

    • if it's not opened, bring it back & get store credit or return?

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    Harvey Norman Best Price Guarantee 
Terms & Conditions


  • This makes for interesting reading: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-Software/What-on-EARTH-is-thi... … one comment says " It cannot be removed even with reformatting, It is in the firmare. Another dissatisfied customer"

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      this is only on the USB portable drives, NOT on the desktop drives.

      WD smartsave is built into the chipset, so you lose ~700mb right off the bat! pity they don't advertise this!

      it sits as a virtual CD drive, you cant format or delete it. People complained to WD, their answer was to turn off the 'auto start' in the software so you never see it. but it's always there!

  • Glad I read that PKM Sounds like a nightmare. Anyone else know about this first hand?

  • Can this be taken out and used as internal drive?

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      Using a spludger or guitar pick the case can be opened. Previous deal has a YouTube instruction vid.
      No other software installed on the one I had, reformatted and put into my desktop no worries.
      I did try to put a sea gate drive into the now redundant wd enclosure and it didn't work:(
      The led on the enclosure flashing on off, tried bigger psu but no change.

  • Well I have two of these sitting at home that I use for backups. But they're getting full. So I'm contemplating getting another two.

    Whenever I buy an external, I just format it and it's good to go. I haven't had any problems with these drives at all. There isn't any other software on them that I know of.

  • Well it does say this " You’re in control of your backup - install all the features, select just the components you need, or if you prefer, choose not to use the software at all"

    I would just not install the software.

  • Low level format should wipe out just anything on the drive and put it back to factory default with absolutely nothing on it. HDD Low Level Format Tool (http://hddguru.com/software/HDD-LLF-Low-Level-Format-Tool/) is quite reliable for me…and its also good to low level format an aging drive (just anything… e.g. flash drives, HDs, and ssd) to put it back into shape again. This tool is windows friendly only.

    From the website…

    *Free for personal/home use (speed is capped at 180 GB per hour which is 50 MB/s)

    :Shouldnt be hard to find a version that works faster online… (hint: torrent) or pm me… happy to share mine.

    Hope this helps.

    • Apparently the "crapware" on the WD My Book Essential cannot be removed even with reformatting, It is in the firmare.

      • From the link above (SteveBuscemi)…

        "The process to remove the WD SmartWare partition is as follows:

        Backup data on the computer beforehand. Load the HP USB Disk Format Tool and select the WD drive from the list of available options. Be sure to choose the correct disk so as to avoid losing the data on other drives. Once the appropriate WD drive is selected, choose the file system to be used.

        Input the drive’s Volume Label (if any). Select “Quick Format” and deselect “Enable Compression” and “Create a DOS Startup Disk.” Once that is done, select the “Start” button.

        The program will warn that all of the data on the drive will be lost on the WD drive if formatting is done and will ask to confirm the process. Select “Yes” and another dialog box with information about the drive will be shown once the formatting is complete.

        The result of this process is a singular drive without the unnecessary partition of the WD SmartWare. The drive will not load the VCD because it no longer exists. Formatting the drive with the appropriate File System during the process allows the drive to be used with whichever OS the user chooses."

  • JB HiFi have the WD elemends 3tb for $138 as well, only usb2 thought

    • Thanks, if you are buying the drive to rip from the enclosure do you know which of these products have the better drive? Obviously if you are going to be using the enclosure the OP is better since usb3 for the same price.

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    Remember to use WELCOME5 , bring down the price to $133

    • Thanks for the code! It came down to $133 which is a good deal for 3TB USB3.0. Now just need to wait for the email to let me know when I can pick it up, hopefully today!

      • still waiting 3TB prices to go down to $118 or close to that…..
        (was $118 around Christmas periods…) :-P

  • With the WD's, does My Book effectively mean AC powered, while My Passport means USB powered?

    • Yep.
      You can also tell by checking if it's a 2.5 (portable) or 3.5 (needs power) inch drive.
      Or you can check the listing of the box contents that says AC Power cable included.

  • Bought one more external hdd!! Thanks op

  • officeworks have same model, can price beat by 5% = makes it like $131

    • Little late for me :(((

    • +1

      And swipe your ING card twice ($99 + $32.1) and only really pay $124.55

  • What drive is used in these?

    • green drives. Once you've got a lot of stuff on them, they take about 30 secs to scan and wake up if they've gone to sleep

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    Do they work with macs cos most hardrives I've tried plugging in were read -only :(

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      They start out as NTFS (read only on macs unless you install more software), you need to partition the drive using "Disk Utility" to 1 partition as Mac OS Extended.

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      Should work fine on lion os..

    • -2

      sell the Mac, no one needs overpriced crippleware!

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    What do I need to get OW to pricebeat? Just the URL of the website? Sorry if this sounds like n00b, havent done price beat with OW before ..

    • +1

      I think they (OW) look at OZBargain real closely and adjust the price accordingly… maybe by the time you pop into the store the price is already reduce to $138.00.

      However, I might b wrong.

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    Going to buy one of these tomorrow. Thanks for the post!

  • Curious - want to put videos onto it and play it through my xbox via USB - will it work or would reformatting be an issue?

    Any first or second hand knowledge appreciated! :)

    • You will need to reformat it as HFS, the mac file system. You will have to get MacDrive for your computer to do so. Either that or attempt to make it fat32 using third party software, although there might be a 2tb limit to that so you will lose 1tb of space and can't put files bigger than 4gb on there.

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    Aaaaand it's gone. Link doesn't seem to work anymore =(

    • Removed. Deal expired.

      • We can still get it at Amazon.com [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042Z55RM/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER]

        Price is AUD 132 (USD 130) + Delivery is AUD 13.72 to Melbourne = all in AUD 146.xx Delivered.

    • I was about to buy it today. Anyway, Bring it on 4TB version :)

  • In case anyone missed it, there's always the 4TB one for $189:


  • I just got one from the Greensborough HN for $138.

    Ring your local HN and check availability and price and you could be pleasantly surprised as the original deal was about for 1 week or end of stock from yesterday.

    They pull the ad as soon as the store stocks get low but apparently the price stays on any remaining stock according to the sales guy at HN.

    • Confirmed. I got one from Maribyrnong HN today for same price. I believe there is still 1 more available.

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