High End Ergonomic Keyboard

I'm looking for a sub $100 high end ergonomic keyboard that's really centered on long hours at the desk and not at gaming.

Can anyone suggest any good value for money ones?

I've got these two big contenders on my radar already:

Logitech K350
Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000

Both of these are around $50-$60 at the cheapest price I could find.

Although I'm willing to consider desktop combos like the Logitech MK550 and Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000, both of which include the keyboards above and a high-end mouse, if they're cheap.

Many thanks!



    You might want a mechanical keyboard with blue switches. You don't need to fully press down for the key to actuate and you can feel the actuation point. Really reduces typing fatigue but they are quite expensive.

    Get This and maybe a palm rest if you want more comfort.

    More info on mechanical keyboards