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The Mens Shop - Four St Patrick Day $100 Offers


There are four $100 deals today, each using different coupon codes.
The first deal is for 3 Van Heusen studio shirts, 1 set of Van Heusen cufflinks and pen. I could only get the code to work if I bought 3 of the same shirt, so I'm holding off for a while.
Note: Coupon code is now working.

The other offers are
Deal 2: 2x M.J.Bale shirts, 1 set of Van Heusen cufflinks
Deal 3: 1x M.J. Bale shirt, 2 Pierre Cardin ties, 1 set of Van Heusen cufflinks
Deal 4: 2x Van Heusen studio shirts, 2 Pierre Cardin ties, 1 set of cufflinks.

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  • +3

    Still no slim fit shirts :(

    • MJ bale shirts say they're slim fit in the description.

      • +1

        They aren't very slim though

        • Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for myself.

        • If you look on the MJ Bale website, there are some which are also 'super slim'. And those aren't even close to being a slim fit…

      • MJ Bale Slim fit shirts are in fact super slim fit shirts. They are our most popular slim fit shirts on the site!

        • +1

          Which I completely understand. I love my MJ Bale suits and ties. But the shirts I ordered have been useless because I had total faith in the brand and took off the tags before trying them on. They are no way fit to be called super slim.

        • completely agree wonga

        • how do they compare to the Van Heusen's Slim fit? Those fit me perfectly

        • I have some Van Huesen Slims and i find them alot better, especially coming down to the waistline

        • great thanks!

  • Pierre Cardin ties don't come up for some reason.

    • In fact, there are no Pierre Cardin ties to be seen anywhere on the site!

      • +1

        There are 8 on there..

        • 11 now. I could swear there weren't. I went through Accessories/Ties and there were no Pierre Cardin ties. The fact that they are at the end makes me think someone is reading ozbargain. I put a note on their facebook page about 30 minutes ago as well.

  • Can anyone get the GREEN3 coupon to work? I've added a shirt, two ties and cufflinks to my cart, but I get the following message when I try to use the coupon:

    Your order total is lower than the amount required for you to be able to use the coupon.

    • The code is now working.

    • Hey mate,
      Sorry about this - we have had a few technical issues but all is well.

  • Any Van Heusen euro shirt offers coming up soon?

    • There are euro style shirts in Offer 1.

    • Deal 1 is the one for you, mate!

  • Great Deal.. Option 1 Purchased!! Thanks :)

    • Have done. I thought the link on the home page went to all of the deals.

  • +1

    Any chance of a repeat of the 4 Van Heusen shirts for $100 deal anytime soon, rep?

    • Hey mate,
      Use the coupon code BIRTHDAY50 to receive $50 off when you spend $150. We will certainly keep this in mind for the future though.

  • +2

    Offtopic but, Rep, any chance of getting brands such as TM Lewin or Brooksfield stocked?

    • Have forwarded your request to the buyer. Thanks for the suggestion, mate.

  • +1

    Ordered 4 x VH shirts last time for $100 - just order another 3 shirts plus pen & cufflinks for $100 (green1) still great value.

    BTW - this is the nicest business shirt I've ever owned http://www.themensshop.com.au/Cotton-Studio-Grey-Euro-Fit-St...
    Works very well with black or dark blue trousers - have also worn it with jeans a few times so had to buy another.

    • Hey guys - this offer is valid until 11.59PM on Sunday 24th of March. It has not expired, as per this post.

      • I've edited the expiry date. Btw, I ordered Deal 1.

  • Thank you for the great feedback!!

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