COTD Massive Sales - Success anyone?

I tried to get in on the recent COTD sales where 32 gb samsung galaxy s3 (blue) were $349 and 16 gb iPad minis (black) were $199. Needless to say I wasn't successful, despite having super fast broadband, multi-tabs open, multi browser versions and the mobile app all refreshing one after the one.

I just wanna know, if you tried to get in one those deals, and if you were successful?

How much stock do you recon they hold for these types of hot items?

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    Same here. I have tried so many time with multiple computer, tablet and mobile with no success..I wonder they only advertise to attract people to click their website.


    you were silly for even bothering to try. if it kept you entertained for the whole day then good for you :)

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    I think they probably have 1 iPad Mini. So they can say they have "stock". And amazingly coincidentally it gets sold to the CEO's wife.


    So I click the poll pos if I was successful? Most people here don't get it , which is why many of us hate seeing it being posted here. I think they have listed the amount of stock they had for popular products and I remember it being around 5.


    Actually, I can't believe I'm saying this but Yes. My mate managed to get a GoPro for $149 using the Uni computers. There internet connections are a lot faster than our cable.

    I'll upload a receipt soon.


    I haven't been on Cotd in a while (over a year?) but I have been successful in the past. Got myself a wii in one of their "crash-a-thons". Think their stock level was 10. Same stock level for the ps3. I can't find the thread but it was a big one on OzB.

    Still amazes me till this day how I got through the whole process with no hassle. Used home internet.