This was posted 9 years 3 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sanyo Eneloop Tones (Online Only) / Glitter (Pickup Only) 8xAA $19.99 + $4.95 Postage @DSE


Listed as 1800 charge cycles for the Tones and 1500 for the Glitter ones.

Delivery only, 3rd Gen, 2000mah - 1800 cycles
'Uomo' Tones | 'Rogue' Tones

Pickup only, 2nd Gen, 2000mah - 1500 cycles

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • nice find op! I tried to purchase online and even if there is plenty of stock around 2224, it says the item is not available for home delivery!

    • Didn't realise the Tones were delivery only but the Glitters were pickup only - title updated.

      • thanks anyway, i ordered the glitter ones click 'n' collect :)

  • Glitter have a slightly higher capacity 2000mAh Vs 1900mAh (ie they'll last longer per charge at the expense of the number of times they can be recharged.)

    • I think glitter is 2nd gen, the others 3rd gen.

      eneloop (2nd generation)

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      I believe the latest generation has just been marketed as 2000mah-typical and 1900mah-minimum, but the latest version is 1800 cycles as seen in the standard white eneloops as well.

      edit: beat me to it

  • Thanks. Been needing some more batteries and have been holding out for the Eneloops to be $20 again.

    Edit: I've just been doing some research, and from what I can tell the Glitter Eneloops are 2nd generation while Uomo and Rouge tones are 3rd generation (which explains the difference in recharge cycles).

  • Worth the extra $5 for the tones?

    • They're already linked in the OP.

  • so which is better? Tones or Glitter?

    • Tones have 300 more charge cycles than the Glitters, it's really unlikely that you'd get any where even near reaching the charge cycle limits though.

      • Yeah, probably more useful to have the extra 100mAh capacity rather than the extra 300 charge cycles. I went for the Glitter.

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          The 100mAh difference is a result of a change in labelling practices (showing minimum capacity instead of typical capacity). In reality both have the same capacity - 1900 min, 2000 typical.

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      Tones. These are the latest generation -1800 recharge cycles, as opposed to 1500 for the second gen.


      • second gen (glitter): holds 85% of the charge after one year and 75% after three years.

      • third gen (tones): hold their charge for up to 90% after one year, 80% after 3 years and 70% after five years.

      Lastly the difference in capacity listed on the label is misleading. They are both typically 2000mah, but at a minimum 1900mah. The labels were changed to show the minimum capacity instead of the typical.

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        I see. Good to know. Oh well, the glitters are glittery…

  • Ordered a pack of glitter ones. Don't think i will live long enough to use up all 1500 cycles anyway.
    Thanks OP!

    • I don't think it's the cycles that you need to worry about. It's the oxidation that happens with the age of the battery. As posted above rechargeable batteries are really only useful for 3 or 4 years regardless of how frequently or infrequently they are recharged.

      • I purchased 4x AA Eneloops with the standard white charger they come with from Tandy on 1/9/08 for my digital camera. Then I bought another two of the same sets on 8/7/09 for salt & pepper grinders. They are all still working fine. They've only ever been charged with the "bad" charger they came with too.

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      You can pass these down to your grandchild as novelty items for your great time here at OZB.

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    Hands up, Ozbargain's most fav batteries!

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    I love Eneloops….I'm still using the old white ones….they seem to go FOREVER

  • Tones are better!!

    • are you sure?

      • Read all the posts. The glitters are 2nd gen, 'uomo' & 'rouge' tones are 3rd gen. The specs for 2nd & 3rd gen are the same except for the 3rd gen keeping their charge longer and being capable of charged more times (1800 vs 1500).

        • i have been following this deal since it started, just read ALL the posts!
          what i want to know is why someone claims they are better! have you tried the 3gen for 3 years and you can confirm they keep their charge longer? Or have you tried to charge the glitters 1500 times and they failed on the 1501 charge?
          Someone might say" glitters are better" just because of the fancier colors or because of the "nominated" capacity!
          and somebody else will say "same [email protected]" for both of them, considering the fact that an average user will never notice any difference ;)

        • +1

          You're pretty much correct, but if anything, buying the 3rd gen probably means you're buying a fresher batch..
          I'm guessing the Gen 2 were discontinued from manufacturing once Gen 3 came about. So Gen 2's are likely to have been made months ago, wheras the Gen 3 potentially only weeks ago.

        • GregFiona: if you've got anything to indicate that the products aren't as the specs indicate then I'd love to see it, but otherwise the specs say the tones are better. So without any evidence to the contrary, yes, I'm sure.

        • …but i didn't ask you! :)
          p.s. i'm happy with the info you provided, i chose to purchase the glitter ones cause they are "better" for my personal use due to the fact that every single battery has a different color and i want them for single battery devices. if i comment "glitters are better" without explaining myself won't you question why?

        • Given its a well known brand with a high quality product and a reputation to protect, I would assume their published specs are backed by independent testing to conform to relevant IEC standards. If they blatantly lied about the specs of their products I have no doubt it would be discovered by a battery geek very quickly, and the damage they would suffer as a brand would probably not be worth it.

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    Look like Dicksmith don't like to stock Eneloop AAA, I need some!

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    noone is asking what good chargers to go with this time?

  • From where I can buy charger? Anyone please :)

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    i am just curious, what so good about these batteries. it has pretty high ozbargain votes all the time

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      Idunno why you got negged for just asking the question, but basically it's that they're (relatively) cheap, reliable rechargeable batteries. Also the 'eneloop' models supposedly keep their charge for much longer than normal rechargeables.

  • Just in time when I need a few of these! Thanks OP

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    Hmmm is it worth the $5 for the new 3rd gen one's? Rather not fork out an extra 25% just for postage.

    • my mate and I just splt shipping on 2 packs. Shipping was still $5… so $22.50 per Tones

  • 'Rogue' Tones

    So, they play up a bit do they? :p

    • More like 'Jubilee' tones.

  • Be nice if they had a sale on Eneloop LSD Blacks. 2500mAh and 500 charges. Normally $24.95 at DSE for a 4 pack.

  • Will a Duracell 6 Hour Value Charger be able to charge these batteries?

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      Yes, but don't, spend another $30 and get a Lacrosse.

      • I've already got the charger but only 2 rechargeable batteries (2xAA; 2xAAA) but I wouldn't mind a couple more.

        • The Lacrosse are great chargers; however, there is also another budget option for ~$15 worth bearing in mind:

        • Are these Soshine chargers "smart"? Why are they so cheap? Anyone here using them?

        • They say that they're interrigent, rike me…mine's been working great for nearly a year now, no complaints! :)

        • You can also use the varta LCD smart chargers.
          They come bundled with 4 batteries.

          I'm not surprised that the soshine smart chargers are so cheap.
          They are effectively free with varta.

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    if anyone wants a closer look at them
    This is what they look like

  • Just walked into a dse store and was told the glitters are only half price if you do a click and collect online first. However no such item exist online… Unless these have already sold out?

    • They are linked to at the top.

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        It is too. I am a blind bastard.

  • I just drove down to local Dick Smith (Karrinyup, WA) to pickup Glitter eneloops as they had them in stock.
    Price in shop is $42.99. Sale price is $19.99
    I showed the sales guy the Dick Smith web price of $19.99, but they wouldn't sell them for that.
    i.e. they wouldn't match their own web price, even though it is NOT marked online only and it is basically the same as 'click and collect' …
    Frustrating, went back home and purchased the ROUGE online.
    Waste of 40 min plus fuel - so much for saving on the $5 shipping …

    • +1

      Do you have a smart phone…why not just do a click & collect from inside the store?

  • I did, but they said I would have to wait an hour or two for it to get processed …

    • Damn, what pricks…

    • +1

      FYI it only took 10 minutes to process mine, and you don't have to pay upfront but only when you collect the item, so next time just do it, you have nothing to lose :)

  • still looking for a good special on 8xAAA for $20

    • Ebay for eneloop AAA's from a reliable seller or Hobbyking for Turnigy AAA I reckon.

  • who's a reliable seller for eneloop aaa's ?
    i keep reading that ebay is full of copy eneloops ?

    • I've bought from LightNspace in Korea, they were good; there are others though…just check for power sellers with mega good feedback & you'll be fine.

  • Went to buy at my local DSE (glitters) - still priced at $39.98. Guy said he could'nt discount anymore than to $30. I showed him the price and everything. So, I had to click and collect, but did'nt come thru in time… have to go back tomorrow to pick up hopefully. Eh… this is why DSE fails. No flexibility to the operator, poor back end.

    • I think the issue is that DSE online and Dick Smiths stores are different companies, so for the store to sell it to you it'd come up in their sales and they'd have to answer why they sold it so cheap. But if it goes via the online store then they're the ones who sort out the price.

  • sorry, just found out only glitter can click & collect

  • fantastic! been looking out for this deal. never seem to have enough batteries in the house.

  • If u also need AAAs and charger, this deal is way bettter

  • Thanks OP!

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