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bazzaa - the Product Key is the 25 character long thing on the CoA, individual to each OEM/Retail copy. You're thinking of the Product ID,...
16/04/2014 - 13:28
nikey's been here at least 10 years. Probably more.
16/04/2014 - 11:51
'cause no-one would ever google a product they want and click on a direct link to the product page...
15/04/2014 - 10:47
> ALDI Liquor Online currently delivers to selected locations along the Eastern Seaboard > **METRO (2 – 4 Business Days)** > 2000-2338;...
13/04/2014 - 16:13
That's what "life is not about the finish line" means in this context - learning for it's own sake, not for something you get at the end....
13/04/2014 - 16:11
Thanks to Monty Python sketches I always giggle when I come across anything with East Anglia in it. Teehee.
12/04/2014 - 11:06
Try googling "pf changs <insert dish> recipe". It's a big chain chinese place in the US, very westernised, possibly moreso than local...
12/04/2014 - 00:23
A few reasons. A big one is that NZ is culturally pretty similar to Australia. I could walk down a street in NZ and not be certain I wasn't...
11/04/2014 - 22:52
I used the original 7" Galaxy Tab as my phone for about 6 months. Standard trouser & short pockets were fine, although jeans were out and...
10/04/2014 - 10:01
These are generic batteries. You can get generic batteries cheaper. For example:...
09/04/2014 - 10:27
My Samsung S4 got stolen so I bought a Nexus 5. Much preferred the S4. Expandable storage, replaceable/upgradeable battery, significantly...
08/04/2014 - 19:14
iPad Mini Gen 1: 7.9", 1024 x 768 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014: 10", 2560 x 1600 Gee, I wonder why it's battery drains faster...
08/04/2014 - 18:20
The question was best takeaway. For under $7, prefer peanuts.
08/04/2014 - 10:03
Sweet. Problem solved. You either get the refund or more cheap batteries. I consider that a win.
06/04/2014 - 23:02
I ordered last night, got the pick up confirmation this morning and picked it up around midday. They may just have run out of stock. Or in...
06/04/2014 - 21:24
Picked a couple packs up earlier today from Bayswater. Nice.
06/04/2014 - 15:13
Tried one blu-ray but only had standard shipping and priority shipping, no free option.
04/04/2014 - 19:40
Did people genuinely think this was something other than a price error that wouldn't be honoured?
04/04/2014 - 13:39
Yeah, it seems to be mostly errors or mixed up rental or used prices or the like.
01/04/2014 - 19:07
Yes. They really WANT to kill the cats, but it feels like a bit of a financial waste so they try and at least pass the value on to someone...
30/03/2014 - 20:04
It's pretty clear nuno's mocking those suggestions from earlier in the thread...
30/03/2014 - 13:23
> I'm sure OP and neighbours don't want to chain themselves at home on account of this woman. My thoughts in order of preference ... > I...
28/03/2014 - 20:56
Higher than the usual price for Perth but good for other cities. *EDIT* Correction: the usual "on special" price.
28/03/2014 - 20:49
I don't condone this course of action but it seems to be the kind of answer you're looking for. Conspire with those in the apartment block...
28/03/2014 - 19:58
It appears to be 2kg of spice - enough to make 40-50kg of biltong.
28/03/2014 - 19:49
Please kill your wife. For the greater good.
26/03/2014 - 19:24
Works in Belmont, WA.
26/03/2014 - 16:23
tantryl commented on eBay is trash
Considering the amount of people either not reading what you wrote and providing suggestions anyway or reading what you wrote and using...
23/03/2014 - 19:20