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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is on the way and should be ~$30

Main difference from the Mi Band 1S: included a basic display that shows time, step count and heart rate. https://xiaomiprime.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/xiaomi-mi-band-... Specs: Fitness, …

Why aren't front and rear cameras for accident/security standard?

Or at least a standard option? I've been looking into a new car recently and have been really surprised that it's not even an option on the table for most cars I've looked at. It …


Newegg to start shipping from within Australia

http://techgeek.com.au/2015/10/30/newegg-to-ship-directly-fr... Summary: This Monday they'll start with drop shipping from distributors and eventually from their own warehouse. To be honest …

Looking for an Open Ear Bluetooth Headset

tldr; looking for stereo headset with Bluetooth, open ear, behind the head/neck and with a microphone arm and good voice quality. Can you help? I've been using a knock off version of the …

Moving large sums of money overseas into a local currency

I'm considering investing in a foreign business and would have to move several hundred thousand dollars overseas and convert it to the local currency to do so. Indonesian Rupiah/IDR, if it …

Walking shoes for flat feet in Perth

I'm looking for shoes that'd be good for walking 10-25km/day, mostly on pavement/paths/gravel. I have very flat feet and accompanying orthotics. My research tells me I should get something …

Wall art

I'm looking for large wall art stuff, preferably high detail natural landscapes and I like the acrylic/plexiglass style but neither are necessary.


CD Key sites for non-game software?

If you're looking for games there are plenty of cd key sites and even cd key site search engines.

J.A. Henckels 7" Santoku Knife $39.83 @ Target

expired J.A. Henckels 7" Santoku Knife $39.83 @ Target

Waiting for Galaxy S3 4G to go to special pricing

Will this pay off? I'm basically waiting for a Virgin plan that'll get me the phone (or a similarly specced one) and their lowest monthly calls/data for around $35/month (currently at $50/month).

Stone pillar water feature

I'm looking for something around 1.5-2m high, flat and preferably with an interesting design.

Looking for low priced notebook with high res screen

Pretty much what the subject says.

Decent low price BBQ

I'm looking for a BBQ to connect directly to mains gas (or whatever you call it - I have a gas connector on my patio, no LPG bottles required).

Chair Mats & Chairs

I've only got about $200 to spare right now. I need a hard chair mat (plastic, most likely) to go on carpet and a chair that'll withstand me putting my legs up on the desk and leaning back.

DVD/BD storage/shelving

I'm in need of some DVD/BD storage. I have several hundred movies and dozens of TV shows, each with several season... if you went by the disc count alone it'd probably be over two thousand.

Couches that fold out to beds

I'm moving into a new place and the old couches are getting a bit uncomfortable and worn so it seems like a good time to get some new seating.

Need about 40x Bayonet (BC/B22) light bulbs

I checked KMart, Target, Bunnings, Woolies & IKEA today and Bunnings won out with 5 packs of OSRAM 13W 2700K (warm white) bayonet bulbs for $15 (ie $3 each).

Cheapest Dim Sum/Yum Cha breakfast that doesn't suck?

I'm specifically asking about the Perth area, but I'm sure people want to know & share for other areas.

Store banned due to lack of popularity

dinodirect.com has been banned for lack of popularity. Is that a first? Most of the reasons for disliking it are reasons that'd apply to dealextreme, tinydeal etc. Even the whirlpool thread that was …

Negative MOBs and the purpose of the negative vote

I wrote a massively long post, as seen below. In the end it just comes down to these questions, mostly directed at Scotty and the mods but of course member input is great. What's the intended …

RIP Negative Voting

Here lies Negative Voting Victim of suppresive rules Finally sucumbed to apathy The year of our lord 2010 I don't really bother voting positive or negative any more. There's a thread on voting in …


Quality kitchen knives

I'm after a decent-good knife set like the Global Ikasu 7 piece. The cheapest place I can find is yourhomedepot.com.au for $299 delivered, but they don't have stock. The next is …

Loud Speaker Kit 20% off

expired Loud Speaker Kit 20% off

I'm cheap, and I'm coming to Melbourne

I booked in that Airasia deal that allowed a very exciting $73 return fare from Perth. And I hit town this weekend. In typical tight-arse fashion, I have booked $22/night at All Nations Backpackers. …

Yellowglen Yellow NV 750ml $6.99

expired Yellowglen Yellow NV 750ml $6.99