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Has Woolworth's Homebrand Wholemeal Bread been 'Upgraded'

I recently bought a loaf of Woolworth's Homebrand wholemeal bread and it has changed. It is thicker cut than before ('toast' vs 'sandwich') and seems to be of a higher …


Optus Sport on the go.

Can I use the mobile data on my Microsoft Lumia N640 Windows phone and use a USB device to watch English Premier League on a WiFi only Android tablet? Thanks in advance!


Aldi Price Increases?

Someone suggested to me that Aldi products have increased in price over the last year. I have noticed one or two products have increased, but I'm quite slack at observing prices these days. …

Anyone got free coffee/pie at Pieface QVC today?

Surprised to not see it on here. Too late now? Not sure if it will continue........

Air Asia Sale coming soon - any news?

Just had the email, but no details, yet...


De-orzbargained: Bye Bye Really Cheap Tickets On Air Asia

It has been normal to pay around $250 return to KL on Air Asia in sales over the last few years. But this year the lowest prices in their sales has been quickly rising. It's around double what it …