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Purchased an Item Online, Picked It up from Store and It's Been Incorrectly Listed on The Website

Hi guys, here's another fun one for your Sunday arvo. So I'm building a new PC and purchased a few items online from a local retailer. Order was confirmed and I went and picked the items …


Stitch up or Just Bad Luck? (on Officeworks Price Beat)

Hello fellow OzBargainers! Here is my story. I seen Mac Mini M1 go on sale this morning at JB Hi-Fi, I decided to go to my local Officeworks and price beat. I approached the computer section and …

Using Mobile Phone in Maccas Drive through

So this actually happened to me today and really got me thinking…. I was in the Maccas drive through with my mobile phone in my hand to tell the operator my Maccas code from their mobile phone …

Win a $20 Google or Apple Store Credit from Riddlewot

closed Win a $20 Google or Apple Store Credit from Riddlewot

  • Prize pool $20.00
  • International
  • Website
  • Account/Membership

Anyone Else Find the TV Series "Young Sheldon" Inappropriate?

I myself suffer from autism and while I live a fairly normal life, there definitely is times when I miss social cues or say something that seems funny to others but not to me… The fact that …


[Not Honoured] Le Creuset Gravy Boat Cerise $0.01 In-Store Only @ Myer

Moved to Forum: Original Link "The durable enamelled surface resists staining, chipping and cracking, and is easy to clean." According to website there is local stock in Brisbane, …

Mungi Internet

RSP Mungi Enters Voluntary Administration

Due to economic conditions, Mungi Group Pty Ltd (ACN 621 479 178) has entered into Voluntary Administration on 20 November 2018. As a consequence of this, the operations of Mungi have ceased. The …

Cyclists Using Walkways and Ringing Bell Right behind Pedestrians

I'm curious if this happens in other areas? These morons will get right behind you and ring their bell, I'm certain it's a game to them to annoy people. Fair enough if you ring your …

D-Link DSL-2890AL Wireless AC1750 $79 @ Umart

expired D-Link DSL-2890AL Wireless AC1750 $79 @ Umart

The Good Guys

The Good Guys Website. So Laggy

Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find browsing the good guys website very unresponsive and slow to load pages… ??

Stores Labelling Prices as "Sale" Prices When Just Regular Price

I've been in the market for a new TV for the past few months and have been watching the prices at a few retail outlets like a hawk… thought I'd make a move today being the …

EB Games Australia

Cheeky EB Games Switch-a-Roo

So on Wednesday I thought I'd call up EB to find out how much I'd get for trading in my original 500GB ps4 as I knew there would be some deals for black friday… I was told $150, not …


The attitude and Customer Service of Optus Is Absolutely Appalling

So I bought an optus sim few days ago with $30 recharge, checked on their coverage map that the house has 3g/4g reception, which it is listed as full coverage. Phone drops in and out of 3g with one …

Cash Converters

Cash Converters Webshop Selling Fake Phones

Hey guys, I frequently use the Cash Cconverters web shop as you can find some really good prices sometimes….. I was looking at Samsung phones recently and noticed this having dealt with many …

eBay Australia

Samsung Chargers Bought through eBay

Hi all! I've recently thought it's probably time to upgrade my samsung charger to one of those fast chargers as my device supports it… I'm cautious about buying chargers off …


What's Your Experience with GearBest?

Just curious as to other ozbargainers experiences with gearbest….. I've seen a lot of posts come up lately stating extremely long shipping times and some "cheap" packages that …


Selling a Car on Gumtree

I just went through what I would call an absolute nightmare… What's everyone else's experiences? I'll list some of my experience…. low ball offers to the point of just …

Buy Switch Now or Wait until Christmas?

So I've seen a few deals lately for the switch and just not sure if I should go for it yet. When you take into consideration the additional costs just to get started…. buy a game, microSD …

Pedestrians Walking around Completely Oblivious on Their Phones

So today I was reversing out of a car park, checked behind me and made sure it was clear, as I'm reversing someone walks directly behind my car, completely oblivious to me reversing I slam on …

Expired Deals on The Front Page

So lately with all these Ebay deals and codes that only last a short period of time, the front page is becoming just a list of expired deals…… can a system be implemented to demote …