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PC Upgrade for 1440p 144hz

I recently bought the Xiaomi monitor but as I expected my current PC is not up to the task of running games at the native res. I have a budget of $2K, but I am at a loss of whether to buy a new PC …

Aussie Broadband

AussieBB FTTP Dropouts for Hours - Anyone Else?

Third day in a row where internet has dropped out at around 12AM. Last two days it lasted for hours and it looks to be the same today. Never had anything like this with superloop for the past seven …

Are Kindle E-Readers Worth It?

Will it make a big difference vs a LCD mobile phone? if so, which would you recommend? I have a budget of around $200 which only gives me the option between the base model 4GB or the Paperwhite …

[PC] Steam - Yakuza 0 - $12.49 @ Steam

expired [PC] Steam - Yakuza 0 - $12.49 @ Steam

[PC] Free - The Sims 4 (Standard Edition) - Origin

expired [PC] Free - The Sims 4 (Standard Edition) - Origin

[PC] Uplay - Watch Dogs AU $4.49 @ Humble Bundle

expired [PC] Uplay - Watch Dogs AU $4.49 @ Humble Bundle


Bought a Stolen iPhone off Gumtree - What to Do?

What should I do? I knew it was a too good to be true deal to begin with. I'm an Android guy so I didn't know that iPhones could be locked by a previous owner completely. I have messaged …

OPPO A3s (Red) $229 (Was $279) @ JB Hi-Fi

expired OPPO A3s (Red) $229 (Was $279) @ JB Hi-Fi

[PC] Steam - Just Cause 3 ~AU $3.44 @ Steam

expired [PC] Steam - Just Cause 3 ~AU $3.44 @ Steam

[PC] Steam - Hollow Knight $11.55 @ Steam Store

expired [PC] Steam - Hollow Knight $11.55 @ Steam Store


expired [PC] Steam - Dragon Ball FighterZ - AU $28.49 @ CD Keys

Best Controller for PC Gamer?

Hi, which controller is the best for a PC gamer who wants to play some racing games and some other games that have bad KB and mouse controls (mainly racing games though). I would like one that works …

What GPU to Buy? (AMD) Replacement for RX480 8GB

I'm just about done with my reference RX480. Constant overheating despite me undervolting, increasing fan speed, replacing thermal paste and cleaning out the fan has made me tired of this card. …

Xbox One X Game Recommendations

So like a lot of people I jumped on the JB deal for the one X but other than RDR2 and Forza Horizon 4 (both games I desperately wanted to play) I'm not sure of what to buy next? I am a PC gamer, …

Ryzen CPU Has Extra Cores?

I just got my Ryzen 1600 CPU up and running and it has extra cores? 8 and 16 instead of 6 and 12. CPU-Z Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/yQSdvDF Task Manager Screenshot : …

Xbox One S - Worth It over PS4?

So I've been having a hell of a lot of issues with my PC recently (mostly used parts) and I was thinking of buying an Xbox One S. Why? well to have it as a backup mainly for when a component in …

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Monthly Worth It?

Do you think it is worth it for the prices in Australia? if so which plan is the best to get? 3,6 or 12?

Fast Galaxy S8 USB-C Charging Cable

Hi guys I bought a used S8 recently and the actual cable that came with the charger was not genuine. Charging is so damn slow. The plug is genuine but the cable is not. Question is; What is the …

Unlimited 4G Data in WA?

Does this exist? Our home connection is adsl2+ and spread between five people you'd have better luck using dial-up so I was wondering if I could get any unlimited 4g data plans but none seem to …