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JB Hi-Fi

Coil Whine on Laptop from JB Hi Fi

I bought a dell XPS13 for my sister's birthday March last year, there was a little coil whine then but my sister said she didn't mind it. However she doesn't use it anymore and gave it …

Baby Formula to China

2 tins per customer clearly not working, my Coles has empty shelves and I see at least one article a week at a different place where they record people shameless Chinese buying baby formula in bulk. …

Google Play

Can I watch Google Play movies on the TV?

There's some movies on google play for $0.99 I can buy from my phone. I have a Telstra TV, PS3 and I hdmi from my laptop to the tv. Anyway I can stream these movies? Thanks

Am I eligible to be exempt from Jury Duty?

I've been called for jury duty which I don't mind and actually sounds fun but the dates are a bit of a pain since trains aren't running that month. I know it seems like a small excuse …