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Receiving SMS with MVNO

I am travelling overseas and my operator is Belong that doesn't send SMS overseas for stuff like bank OTPs etc. Just wondering if there's a way that I could overcome this hurdle in case I …


Thoughts on Spaceship Decline

I have invested a fair bit in spaceship and it has been steadily declining since the start of the year. I'm getting worried as this is my life savings. Anything using them, how are you coping …

How Is Your Savings Vs Expenditures?

Everyone says to save 10% of what you earn, but things are so expensive these days. How do you cope?


Thoughts on Dodo nbn?

I don't see much talk about dodo's NBN here. Anyone using their service, could you share your experience? Looking to churn from Superloop

Which Fast Food Restaurant Offers Free Drink Refills?

I know Carl's Jr. offers free drink refills, any others?

KFC Australia

I can't see 9 piece Tuesday in KFC App

Does anyone else have this issue? It's Tuesday and it's not appearing in the KFC app. Have they stopped the promo?

Do Most People Live Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque?

I've had this discussion with many of my friends and colleagues. It seems like most people live pay cheque to pay cheque which is why services like Afterpay are so popular. Thoughts?

JB Hi-Fi

Are Discounted Apple Computers Offered by JB Hi-Fi Clearance Models?

I've always wondered and this and have debated with many regarding this. For instance, JBHIFI gave 10% off MacBook computers. Does this mean these were old clearance models? Are these models …


Selling Brand New Computers on FB Marketplace?

Scrolling through marketplace, I've seen so many people selling brand new unopened computers specially MacBooks on Facebook marketplace. I've been scratching my head wondering why. What …

Using Cheap Starter Packs for Data and Dispose after Use?

I did do a thorough search about this on OzB but couldn't find anything related to it. Does anyone use these starter packs to use up the data when needed and dispose of them after the data has …

Getting Final Cut Pro for a Better Deal than AU Pricing?

I'm looking at buying Final Cut Pro but the Australian app version is $499 (AU) and $299(US), I get that the GST is added but even considering that it's still expensive. Any way I can get …

Felix Mobile

Has Anyone Used The Felix $35/Unlimited for Home Internet?

I've been eyeing the incredible offer of $35 for unlimited 4G internet offered by Felix. This made me think if I could use this instead of NBN as my home internet. I mean think about it, …


Cloudflare Warp thoughts?

I've recently discovered cloudflare warp and has been using it for sometime. There's not been much difference between my ISP speed and going through Warp. Anyone with experience on how good …

eBay Australia

How Do eBay Sellers Get Their Products So Cheap?

I'm guessing most sellers are drop shipping? But even if you look at some product prices, they're even cheaper than what you see from a site like aliexpress. Enlighten me Senpai's

How does an ABN and Business name work?

Hello trusted financial advisors, I have an ABN and a business name that's associated with an online business which I depend on for income. I plan to trying out another business for e.g. …


7/11 Fuel Quality

What are your thoughts on 7/11 fuel quality? Any interesting stories to share?

Why Are Fuel Prices Shown in Cents?

Hi Everyone, Please excuse my "amatuerness", but this was a question that has disturbed me for such a long time. Why are fuel prices on the LED boards displayed in cents? Example 139.2 …


Are Kogan Reviews Legit?

Hi everyone, Reviews on the Kogan site are mainly short and to the point. They also seem too good to be true, rendering me to think if the reviews are actually from genuine customers. Have you …

Xbox One S 1TB Console for $259 @ Target

out of stock Xbox One S 1TB Console for $259 @ Target

Mobile Number Ownership

Hi everyone, Sorry for being a newbie to this but I'd like to know something about mobile number ownership. Does it mean that as long as I have an active connection, that mobile number will …

Xbox One S or PS4 for First Console Buyer

I'm a PC gamer in late 20s and I'm looking to buy my first console. So what do you guys recommend?

Lines on Monitor Connected with VGA Cable

Hi, So I've got a 2 monitor setup connected to my laptop. Monitor 1 : Connected via HDMI Monitor 2 : Connected via VGA Both run on 1080p 60hz. I've been noticing small horizontal lines …

E-Waste Recycling Sites For Public

So I watched this YouTube video where a local YouTuber picks up an Apple Mac from the e-waste dumpster. I'm a tech enthusiast and love fixing up old computers and using them around the …

Kogan Internet

Kogan NBN Users. Have Your Say

I'm currently on Superloop and noticed some fellow Ozbargainers stating that Kogan NBN is pretty good. Anyone here on Kogan NBN happy to share your experience? Speeds, evening speeds, ping to …


NBN Jumpers, Share Your Experience

So far I've been with 3 NBN providers, here's my experience being on 50/20 NBN. Belong ($65/Month) Horrible, period. Counted days till the contract ended, couldn't take it no more. …

Bulb Socket with USB Outlet

Can someone please tell me why a device like this is not being mass produced/sold in Australia? If this came for b22 and e27 outlets, imagine the uses? One of main which would be plugging in IP …

What's The Strongest Coffee You've Tasted?

Looking for the strongest coffee that I could buy off the shelf. Tried Nescafe Gold 9 and Moccona Bold & Intense 10 Doesn't seem to do the job.


Does Anyone Know What Coffee They Use at 7-Eleven?

Sadly the free coffee deal is coming to an end. Just wondering if there's someone here who has worked at 7-Eleven and happens to know the coffee they are using?

How Unlimited Are NBN Plans?

Age old question that I've been meaning to get an answer to. All these ISPs providing unlimited NBN plans. But how unlimited are they? A PB or two download per month? There's no mention of …