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So not a tumbler and it doesn't come in black, so no warranty?
26/05/2020 - 14:59
Has EB began taking in trades again yet? I'd pick this up for the pile of shame if it has.
25/05/2020 - 16:20
13 for me (I usually average roughly a shiny a day. I do a of shiny checking or fast catching though)
24/05/2020 - 18:34
I'd rather Amazon collaborated with existing launchers like Steam, Origin or Epic than what they currently do. I can't be bothered with it...
23/05/2020 - 08:49
Nope, I just couldn't do it to my poor library.
22/05/2020 - 07:38
Top tip, don't save your keys for lvl57 like I did, just use them. By the time you reach endgame you'll find much better gear than what can...
22/05/2020 - 07:36
How is this an opportunity to get them all for free? I don't understand.
17/05/2020 - 20:20
Me too but it has Humble Choice written all over it.
17/05/2020 - 17:19
DMC 2 had terrible camera angles, check reviews it's considered the worst of the series. If you've already got #1 sure get #2 though.
17/05/2020 - 07:14
I couldn't buy the DMC games on switch, it was greedy to release at $30 each on switch but bundled on other systems at $30 for all three.
17/05/2020 - 07:12
$40 on humble for HB members (I think it's still on)
16/05/2020 - 13:49
Do you actually like shooters? Because Halo 2 is a great.
15/05/2020 - 11:26
Yes also the title confuses a bit. It actually doesn't require the MCC then.
15/05/2020 - 10:58
So I'm apparently a bit confused about this. I was under the impression that this was a part of the MCC. If I pay $50 for MCC what do I...
15/05/2020 - 10:55
So it's not actually the price you posted? It's actually A$23.69. I thought you had to make a $15 purchase to get a $10 coupon afterwards?
15/05/2020 - 09:33
I didn't know that DVDs played in the microwave until you told us. You're coming across as a real fountain of knowledge here 🤣
15/05/2020 - 03:23
Strange move from HB?
15/05/2020 - 03:21
I don't put much stock in critic reviews. I'd rather look at Steam reviews to see any problems that are highlighted in multiple reviews,...
14/05/2020 - 22:13
Fritz Armstrong for me and noooo that isn't my name lol
14/05/2020 - 21:01
Where's_That_Cake was awarded a badge.
14/05/2020 - 14:44
My bad I probably should have added sarcasm tags above 😂
14/05/2020 - 14:05
Exactly this, use an electric supermarket to buy a sense of funnys 😂
14/05/2020 - 13:21