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Having an Entertainment Book is a real advantage when going out to dine, going to theme parks, going to the movies, basically going anywhere. The Entertainment Book is a guide providing hundreds of specials(including 25% to 50% and 2-for-1 offers) from fine dining, cafes, attractions, theatres and accomodation.

The cost of the Entertainment Book ranges from $55 to $65(as of 19 January 2011) depending on the area you live in, although this may seem costly for a book of vouchers, you have 1 financial year to use it up. In the long run, it will have you a great deal of money as for $55-$65 you will most likely get it back by using the vouchers.

In the Ozbargain Forums, you will find forums where 'swaps' for other offers can be made, only if both parties of the swap agree.

An example of an 'Entertainment Book Swap” thread is given here