Posting Guidelines on Quicksales Items

These are the rules quicksales postings on OzBargain.

  • There must be a 'Buy Now' price. In other words, no auctions.
  • Must have a quantity of 10 available.
  • Non-reps / regular users are able to post deals only if the seller has a qshop.
  • Reps from Australia can post deals as long as they have an ABN either on the listing or specified in the OzBargain deal.

Must Have a Buy Now Price

Due to the nature of auctions, the current bid price is not a true reflection of what the final price will be, and therefore we cannot tell whether an item is a bargain purely based on the current bid price. Therefore for all quicksales items listed on OzBargain there must be a Buy Now price, and together with the delivery cost will be the basis to determine whether the item is a bargain.

Must Have a Minimum of 10 in Quantity

A quicksales listing with very low quantity is not a bargain because it has very limited usefulness to OzBargain members.

Non-reps / regular users are able to post deals only if the seller has a qshop

A qshop existence is an indication that the seller is verified. You can tell if a seller has a qshop by looking at the seller's full profile page. If the seller has a qshop, there will be a qshop logo in the left navigation menu. e.g. http://www.quicksales.com.au/user/user_detail.aspx?user=bigpondshopping

Reps from Australia must have an ABN

As quicksales lists items from domestic sellers who might not be registered business, we feel that it is necessary to require all quicksales items listed by representatives on OzBargain to be from sellers that have an ABN (Australian Business Number).