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-KEVIN Rudd says he still believes Labor could secure victory at next weekend's election in a win mirroring that of the 1993 Paul Keating triumph.+=====Sockpuppeting=====
-Speaking to the Queensland Teachers' Union in Brisbane this morning the Prime Minister said not to write him off just yet.+Moderators have found you have a link with the deal/company you have posted. And as a result you have been banned.
-"We are behind but we are within reach," Mr Rudd told his supporters.+===  what have i done wrong? === 
 +For the purposes of OzBargainit's posting a deal, comment or voting while not declaring that you are affiliated with the company.
-"And I have been around long enough to know ... what 1993 was like.+Some examples:
-meets teachers+   *A person posts a deal pretending to be a customer when they are actually the business owner.
-Beth9finishes her breakfast as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd waits to address the teachers union and teachers at Milton in Brisbane this morning.+   *A friendfamily memberor employee posts a deal without declaring affiliation.
-"(Opposition Leader) John Hewson thought he had it in the bagBut in the last couple of weeks the Australian people scratched their heads and said I don't think we can afford this bloke ... and that's where we are up to right now in this campaign."+   *The OP creates multiple ghost accounts which then vote or comment on the deal.
-Labor secured a slight bounce in the latest polling, but still trails well behind the Coalition. 
-Mr Rudd also used the speech to teachers to invoke fear over what Tony Abbott would cut if he was elected Prime Minister.+=== How long have i been banned for? ===
-He said schools right across the country would be worse off under an Abbott government.+ The length of your ban (e.g. permanently or 1 month) depends on: 
 +   *the severity of the incident 
 +   *initiating a dialogue with us through the [[http://www.ozbargain.com.au/forum/10041|Talk with Mod forum]] 
 +   *an explanation of the sockpuppeting 
 +   *what policies you set to prevent this in the future 
 +   *whether the sockpuppeting was intentional
-Mr Rudd also said the accused $70 billion worth of cuts the Coalition needed to make would result in at least 1 in 20 teachers being sacked.+Whilst many users & stores have been permanently banned for sockpuppeting, some have come back. These companies have imposed a strict social media policy and become valuable members of OzBargain.
-"Let's look at just $20 billion of that $70 billion ... that equates to 1 in 20 teachers sacked," he said.+=== Are you guilty of sockpuppeting? ===
-"There would probably be cuts to pay and conditions given what they've said on the fair work act."+Are you.... 
 +   *working for the company? (all tiers - including management!) 
 +   *on the companies payroll? 
 +   *designing the companies website? 
 +   *working as a marketer for this company? 
 +   *designing/making/producing the product being sold? 
 +   *related to someone mentioned above? 
 +   *a contractor for this company?
-Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/federal-election/kevin-rudd-says-labor-can-win-2013-federal-election/story-fnho52ip-1226705501998#ixzz2dnHD8kHH+have you.... 
 +   *been asked by someone to post on this site? 
 +   *been offered money/prizes/incentives to post this deal? 
 +If yes, its okay! All you need to do is declare your affiliation 
 +If its a direct affiliation - tick the "i am a rep" box. 
 +If you're unsure, just write it in the body of the deal. 
 +Example: "DisclosureI worked here over the holidays" 
 +*** If you believe this was unpublished for the wrong reason or would like the deal reassessed by a different moderator, please [[ http://www.ozbargain.com.au/forum/10041 | contact the moderators]]. *** 
 +** However, lying to moderators will result in ban extensions, including permanent bans ** 
 +=== References=== 
 +[[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sockpuppet|Wikipedia:Sockpuppeting]] 
 +[[http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/8912|Ozbargain: Sockpuppeting]]