• Add your OzBargain username and mobile number/private message link to the bottom of the list.
  • Do not erase other users entries.
  • Do not post your mobile number/private message link at the top (post at the bottom of the applicable column). Failure to do so will result in your account being blocked from using the referral wiki. Contact a moderator via TWAM for assistance.
  • Make sure you add a space between entries.
  • The referral code is either your account number or mobile number, and is to be filled in on the application page when ordering a service.
  • The “reward” is one month's worth of credit; the amount is dependent on your plan.
  • Please PM the OzBargain user if you use their code, as Vaya do not tend to automatically credit your account. Provide the following details: First Name, Account Number, Date of application
  • After this, the referrer usually needs to contact Vaya (either by phone or contact us form) to request for the credit
  • For more details on the referral program - see this page.
  • If you do not feel comfortable listing your mobile number here, you can link to a private message prompt page.

(Enter a mobile number from below in the “How did you hear about us?” section when signing up)

$15 credit for the referrer (nothing for the member who is referred)

  • easternculture - 0411064837
  • cheap skate - 0466577509
  • ernvil - 0400811991
  • nmachine - 0421674196
  • panda6 - 0497796072
  • evans121 - 0401568961
  • buneyha - 0422814218
  • edrenalin - 0411789989
  • jag-gar - 0470461070
  • username - PM me for my mobile number. (format for those not wanting to list their mobile phone number - replace X with your user ID found on the “My Account” link)
  • Ms Bargainer - 0413101784