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-KEVIN Rudd says he still believes Labor could secure victory at next weekend's election in a win mirroring that of the 1993 Paul Keating triumph.+===== Wi-Fi Troubleshooting =====
-Speaking to the Queensland Teachers' Union in Brisbane this morning the Prime Minister said not to write him off just yet.+Follow these steps if your wifi no longer works
-UP-TO-THE-MINUTE COVERAGE FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL TODAY: CLICK HERE+  * disable firewalls that may block software and/or the wireless interface 
 +  * Find the keyboard shortcut. Occasionally this is FN + F#. The F key usually has a picture of a antenna, or a series of semi circles inside one another 
 +  * click start settings network connections and look for your wireless network connection. Right click and select "enable" (if not enabled) 
 +  * click start settings - control panel - administrative tools - computer management - system tools - device manager. Look under network adapters - is there a wireless card there? right click - select enable 
 +  * Restart the computer and enter the bios - look for a section called devices and make sure "wireless lan" is enabled. (Some bios' don't have a devices section) 
 +  * boot a linux live CD and find out if wireless works 
 +  * upgrade wifi software to latest release 
 +  * download drivers from the manufacturers website, and reinstall 
 +  * If you had just upgraded (before the problem appeared), go onto manufacturers site and revert back to old drivers. You may need to uninstall the other drivers and restart first. 
 +  * reinstall windows 
 +  * purchase an external usb wifi card.
-"We are behind but we are within reach," Mr Rudd told his supporters. +(remember if one of these steps has been implementedyou should follow the list from the start again)
- +
-"And I have been around long enough to know ... what 1993 was like. +
- +
-meets teachers +
- +
-Beth, 9, finishes her breakfast as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd waits to address the teachers union and teachers at Milton in Brisbane this morning. +
- +
-"(Opposition Leader) John Hewson thought he had it in the bag. But in the last couple of weeks the Australian people scratched their heads and said I don't think we can afford this bloke ... and that's where we are up to right now in this campaign." +
- +
-Labor secured a slight bounce in the latest pollingbut still trails well behind the Coalition. +
- +
-Mr Rudd also used the speech to teachers to invoke fear over what Tony Abbott would cut if he was elected Prime Minister. +
- +
-He said schools right across the country would be worse off under an Abbott government. +
- +
-Mr Rudd also said the accused $70 billion worth of cuts the Coalition needed to make would result in at least 1 in 20 teachers being sacked. +
- +
-"Let's look at just $20 billion of that $70 billion ... that equates to 1 in 20 teachers sacked," he said. +
- +
-"There would probably be cuts to pay and conditions given what they've said on the fair work act." +
- +
-Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/federal-election/kevin-rudd-says-labor-can-win-2013-federal-election/story-fnho52ip-1226705501998#ixzz2dnHD8kHH+