Phone provider issue - not able to receive sms text from a particular network

Hi All… figured with all the brainiacs lurking on here (said in praise), there might be some common knowledge on this issue.

Short of it, my partner can no longer receive my SMS texts. (Last 4 days it started) She is on Optus, I am with Telstra. She tested this with another friend on Telstra and cannot receive her texts either. (MMS is fine, though I believe it goes through another channel)

Multiple calls to Optus and they report having over 150 similar issues since Feb, though cannot find the solution to it.

Texts send fine from Optus and I receive her texts as does her friend, but she cannot receive SMS when sent from Telstra. Other networks seem to be received fine.

She has received a new sim, reset the phone and nothing seems to change and we presume it is a network issue of some descript.

Should they not be able to resolve (which is seeming likely), is this cause enough to be able to be released from the contract (Valid until October) without penalty?

Any feedback or advice would be great. Cheers :-)


  • No solution from this "brainiac"!

    "is this cause enough to be able to be released from the contract (Valid until October) without penalty?"

    I would expect so. You have a very fair argument that the service is not fit for purpose.

  • Work colleague had something similar to this, it turned out he was on a really old plan that fell through the cracks of some network update. Not sure whether it was sending or receiving though.

  • Hi SME73,

    just wondering if you are still having this issue or how it was resolved, have been having this issue on and off for the last few months, me telstra, them optus. Them not receiving my messages. However it is now lasting days rather than just hours!

    Would be interested to know if you found a resolution.



    • Hey Erin,
      It was actually resolved though did last about a week. Ended up making numerous calls to both Telstra and Optus and both finger pointed to the other which became frustrating. Optus are the ones in this case who resolved it, though I can't say if it was their fix or it sorted itself out. When it was fixed, some of the old texts started to filter through, though again it's hard to pinpoint what they actually did apart from a process of elimination. Telstra said that at times there can be network blockages and one provider has to reset or unblock the network connection specifically. Optus said there was no backlog, though I believe they have differing levels of people whom you speak to, some of which are fairly unhelpful.
      It seems like you have the same issue that I experienced, I was Telstra also and Optus could not receive my messages. To cut to the chase, the Optus person needs to continue to hassle them until resolved. They may blame Telstra, but Telstra will say it's an Optus issue. Changing Sims and resets did not do anything, their technical support needs to resolve it for them.
      If you get to the bottom of it, we would be interested to know how you got it resolved. Good luck. :-)

  • How can you be sure the problem is not at Telstra's end though?

    Perhaps complain to them also, and between they might be able to work it out. If not, talk with the ombudsman about them both.

  • It's good to hear that there are others with this issue. The OP describes everything that my friend has experienced. She is with Optus and I am with Telstra. All her messages come through fine to me but not the other way.

    Did all the usual tech support stuff with Optus over the phone… as well as testing with another phone, resets, etc before calling them in the first place. First they try to say it is a Telstra issue yet they have a record of all the SMS's I have sent to the phone saying on their system that it was delivered to her phone. I don't understand how it can be a Telstra issue when Optus acknowledge they have the SMS in their system.

    Eventually, they called back saying that they recognise there is an issue as they have other cases open regarding the same thing. They said they are working with Telstra to try and determine the issue. It has now been 2 days since the issue first started occurring and they don't have any estimated time for resolution. Quite frustrating.

  • Hi There,
    Just wondering how everyone got on with this issue. It has been happening to me for a little under a week, same deal I am with Optus and I can sms to Telstra network, but cannot receive. I have had sim replaced, spoken to Optus support who suggested I go to Apple, went to Apple, not a phone issue, I am now going to phone Optus support tonight.
    Any more hints and ideas as to tell/suggest to them how to fix this issue greatly appreciated.

  • see above