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Oxford 60% off Storewide - All Stores and Online


Markups aside, Oxford have 60% off everything storewide and online which is a great way to get some Autumn shopping done.

Let us know your finds.

First post so please be gentle.

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    I've found Oxford's shirts to be of a low quality with poor fabric and stitching.

    Edit - there are some shirts that are $75 after the 60% off. At that price their competing with Rhodes and Beckett and MJ Bale. Wait for the R&B sale or get MJ Bale shirts on the mens shop. That is all.

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      Depends on the shirts. I have had Oxford shirts that have lasted for a few years before wearing out, no better or worse than any other brand. My most recent ones from last year seem to be holding up well.

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      I've found the opposite actually - I think they are quite good quality and I like the fit. Some of the printed fabrics don't feel as good but I've no complaints over their woven patterns.

      They seem to always have a sale so I'd doubt they sell much at full price.


    Has anyone got an opinion on the quality of their shoes? The pricing for footwear doesn't seem too bad if it's genuine leather.

    Also, I find it weird that the Oxford shop doesn't actually sell oxford shirts. Is that just the name of the shop or are all shirts meant to be OCBDs


      I have a pair of Oxford dress shoes. They are genuine leather and fit nicely. The soles are wearing a little, but I tend to wear out work shoes in the space of 12-14 months, so they are doing alright, and they are dress shoes I only wear once or twice a month.

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    Does anyone buy Oxford unless it's at least 50% off? I think they spend most of the year in 50%+ sales


      haha yeh i wonder if anybody pays RRP at this place


    I don't buy Oxford until they have a 70% off sale AND they send me their seasonal $20 gift card. $12.50 shirts f'yeah!


    no offense yellowknight as i'm sure your full of valour

    but i'd like to see first post and i've done my research as opposed to whether i should feel one way or the other


    Hows the quality of their suits?