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Qantas EpiQure: Free Membership (Save $99 / 13,000 QFF pts) + 15% Off Purchases (Wines & Events)


great way to earn/spend qantas frequent flyer points on fine wines and exclusive events :)

update: codes changed from MELWCFREEJOIN + MELWC15 (and no more Double Points)

post-deal expiry: continue to use GIFT59AW for discounted membership as per http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/97093

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  • do you know if it is 15% off events as well?

      • deal is only good for wine'os

        • I read your comment as getting your wine to an international destination. :)
          (Harder if QF is really EK and if culturally, alcohol is considered almost as bad as pork on the flight!)

          It could be a good way for winos to burn QF miles!

        • Or a good way for winos to fly!
          Flight related redemptions on points are one of the best if not the best value for points.

  • Free membership code works, thank you!

  • Thank You, I've been waiting for a 15% off :)

  • "An annual membership fee applies for Qantas epiQure"
    So, as I understand, you only get one year free membership and afterwards they will charge you $99 per year.


      Is you CC required for signing up for the free membership?

    • They wiil email you to renew membership, you don't have to.

      • +1 vote

        So, as I understand, you only get one year free membership and afterwards they will charge you $99 per year.

        So, as I understand, you only get one year free membership and afterwards they will OFFER TO charge you $99 per year.

        • yes - or 13,000 qff points - but there'll probably be another free membership offer again then :)

  • Great post ….. Thanks

  • sorry to seem like a dill, but what is the free code for membership please

  • Well done on the description

  • Doesn't work. Still asking for $99 membership.

    • its two separate codes…OP needs to make that clearing in their post, but great deal, this clubs wine is cheaper than Dan Murphys which is all you can really ask for :)

  • not sure if anyone else is having the same problem. but when I try to apply the code, its taking forever and then times out. any assist please !

  • All qld events are sold out

  • thanks Dude, been hoping for another free membership since i missed out previously.

  • worked a treat - thanks!

  • Order dispatched already!

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I've just joined for free and bought my first case of wine at the best price I've ever seen it.

  • Hi all

    Any suggestions on how to get 40,000 expired points back

  • Thank you so much for posting this. Got a "genuine" bargain here. Free membership to the qantas site save $99, and picked up a bottle of 2006 Penfolds grange on the qantas site at 15% off. paid $1190 for it after the discount. 1st Choice liquor and Dan Murphys are both asking for $1700 for the exact same bottle. Also picked up 6QFF / $ and bought in on my Qantas AMEX which also provides 2QFF/$. Thanks for the bargain.

    • What the heck are you doing here buying $1000+ bottles of wine! :P

      • I love a bargain as much as anyone else!

        • Since I discovered this website lat week, I view it multiple times daily. Its this website that alrted me to Tiger's $10 airfares to anywhere in Oz last week, and I quick smart got Jetstar to pricebeat Mel-Per Mel-Syd and Mel-Adl 3 fares for $54 return! I knew id love this site from that moment.

        • Welcome to OB!
          Hope you save all those cents to add up to another bottle of Grange ;) hahahah

        • May I ask are you one of the operators of this site or just a bargain hunter like me?

        • Just a bargain hunter, if I had anything to do with running this site I'd have a Mod badge next to my name.

        • I didn't think we would have anyone on ozbargain that buys $1000 bottles of wine lol

        • videoman on 27/04/2013 - 13:51
          I didn't think we would have anyone on ozbargain that buys $1000 bottles of wine lol

          not many would. I wouldn't know what to do with it… panic?

    • 2006 Penfolds grange on the qantas site at 15% off. paid $1190 for it after the discount

      the 2008 is only $729 - http://www.qantasepiqure.com.au/wines/wine-products/Penfolds...

      For only the second time in history, Penfolds Grange has scored a perfect 100 points. It's also the first time Robert Parker's Wine Advocate has awarded any Grange this perfect score.

      Thanks for the bargain.

      no worries :)

      • I suspect your attempting to make me look like an idiot with your passive agressive post, let me clear something for you. The 2006 Grange I purchased for $1190 was for a Magnum not a bottle, the 2008 Grange you've kindly linked for me is a bottle. I already purchased 3 bottles of the 2008 yesterday for only $1860 after the 15% discount kicked in. I am also aware what scores the Wine Advocate awarded both these vintages without you telling me. I suggest you either refresh your memory on the difference between a magnum and a bottle, or educate yourself, before your wiseass attemt to belittle me. Have a great day.

        PS, the $1190 Magnum I purchased just 3 short days ago, has already exceded the $1550 reserve I set for it where im selling it. Im hoping by auction close tommoro I score at least the $1700 RRP Dan Murphy has on it. Should you care to make a bid, please let me know and Ill direct you to the auction

        • sorry but i didn't even check/think that you might have bought a magnum (yes, i know, the price should've alerted me) :(

          congrats on securing the 2008 at 15% off before it sold out :)

          however it's disappointing, though perhaps understandable, about the arbitrage - it's not necessarily the ozbargain way :(

          my magnums cost less :)

        • Im so very tempted to keep 1 of the 3 bottles of 2008 for me to drink! Im thinking I might just do that, the profits of the magnum and the others 2008 bottles should cover the cost of the 3rd bottle Ill most likely keep to drink!

        • arbitrage to score a free bottle? that's more the ozbargain spirit :)

          just remember to store it correctly for the next 20+ yrs…

        • Hi there, can you direct me to your auction please? Cheers mate

        • Im really sorry, but the 2006 Magnum has been sold - reached $1620. Now I will be selling 2 of the 3 2008 bottles I purchased. Ive also noticed the 15% discount code has been pulled from the epicure site :( wanted to purchase me 2008 bottles at $618

        • Yeah.. I had two in my cart and the code was applied, then had to take a phone call. Came back to cart and was timed out. By the time I had the bottles back in the cart, the code had been ganked.. 1st world problems and all…

        • thats terrible. If its any consolation you can pick up the 2008 grange at Dan Murphys for $642 today, but you wont get the 6 frequent flyer point per dollar on them nor the bonus 3000 FF points that came along with each bottle either, nor the $618 price, but you will get the great wine!


          Hi,mel, may i know know you sell your wine please?

  • The PER codes are not working, does anyone know of any active codes for the 15% off please? Cheers