Lite n' Easy discount code


Does anyone have a current code for a discount for lite n' easy please?


  • Lite n Easy is great!

    15% off:

    Simply click here to order and receive your next delivery before May 17, 2013 and when you reach the Pack Selection page enter the code "Apr1315%" into the Promotion Code box or call 13 15 12 and mention this offer.

    • You should post this as a deal. How long has this one been running for? And where is it from, hope I'm not missing any. Didn't find any to use for the whole of april.

      EDIT: It is also a single use coupon unlike the other ones that are posted. Can not use it for every delivery you will receive until that date.

    • Thanks so much. Just saved $40!!!

      First round. Wish me luck :)

  • Thank you domcc1. Worked like a charm.

    • Thank you for posting this thread! :)