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Ni No Kuni for PlayStation 3 - Approx $37 Delivered at Play Asia


Ni No Kuni for PS3 - Approx $37 delivered. On sale for 24 hours or until it sells out.

An awesome RPG and it's the cheapest it's ever been. US version but the PS3 is region free so it will work on Aus consoles.

If you like this deal please buy from my affiliate link and i will get a tiny bit in credit

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  • really good price for super underrated game been on the look out for while, highly recommended

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      Super underrated? Ni No Kuni?

      • It certainly cannot be in the Restricted by the looks of it

    • +3

      i have never heard of this game before, but in true ozbargain style i'm gonna buy it

  • Sold!

  • +1

    great price, great game, formerly great store.

    • Formerly? I haven't bought from play-asia in a loooong time due to UK based stores being cheaper. Reading that sentence back probably explains the "formerly" haha.

  • Great game for a great price! Grabbed a copy. :D

  • +1

    Thanks OP, been waiting for this game to be available at a good price. Used your affiliate link to get myself a copy.

  • Tried to make the purchase, logged into my account and its showing me orders as if I'm on another account which isnt mine? Anyway when its sorted I'm grabbing a copy. thanks OP

  • I paid 67$ for it on launch day from Canada imported, desperate to get it.
    Then I heard about the JRPG grind which slowly occurs later on in the game and it devolves back to a more traditional JRPG, which isn't for me.

    Glad I supported them to make a game with such amazing art - but I need(ed) to let my expectations of the game drop mentally, significantly before playing it - maybe I'll unseal the game in winter.

    I also heard all the lovely art and graphics in the game tapers off in the mid to late stages.

  • +1

    Thanks, bought with your affiliate link, been waiting for a while for the price drop

  • Thanks op, used you're link great find

  • Not bad, too bad it's the American version.

    • What's the diff?

      • DLC implications.

        Other than that, a personal thing. I prefer things local or PAL at least. :)

        • +1


          Its a region free game and you can get DLC from which ever PSN shop you want to (assuming they still allow you to do that (havent heard that they have blocked it) and assuming they dont block our cards now)

        • +1

          If you don't mind jumping between your AU and US account then of course that's fine. I really don't prefer to do it that way though.

        • Is there mission critical DLC in the game would you say?

  • bought it and got 50 cent box so I can resell after I finish the game!!

    • What do you mean by 50 cent box?

      • Just paid to have it boxed instead of bubble wrapped. In hindsight, bad ozbargain thing to do. But I panicked when I saw the bargain, normal ozbargain thing to do.

  • +1

    never heard of, never seen before … just bought one, thx OP
    got sold by the previews and reviews.

    was considering the CE too:

  • Really tempted even though by the time I get through my Steam playlist and have time to play it, it'll be on the PS5 online shop for cheaper…

  • Bought it! Never heard of it before either, but the reviews are glowing.

    Used your affiliate link also.


  • Used your affiliate link to grab a copy.

    Sweet game and good price.

  • How would this one compare to Final Fantasy?

    • They're two different species. Anyway this game, while this game's good, it's massively overhyped due to being Stuido Ghibli-ish.

  • i bought this game + the magic book from China for only 120 CNY

    • Damn so cheap where in china? Was it in shanghai? Also was it genuine? Thanks.

  • Check out is charging me $22 for postage. How do i set it up for free postage? Quick only 1hr left!

  • never heard of this game but bought one
    thanks op

  • thanks op .. bought it and used your link.

  • I bought a copy and emailed them to find out when they will be shipping it out, they said they are waiting for stock to come in first… Wonder how long this is going to take, otherwise good price for a great game.

    • That probably explains why the status of my order is that it is still being processed. Hopefully it doesn't take too much longer to be mailed. Can't wait to play it.

      • Mine says expected date may 20? Credit card payment hasn't been processed so at least they dun take mo money

  • Has anyone had theirs shipped out yet? I bought the game through there mobile site on my phone so not sure if I missed the fact that they weren't in stock but it definitely didn't say it wasn't in stock when buying it…

    Never bought from them before so I hope they are legit…

    • +1

      Frustratingly, no.

      The little icon that tells me when the item is expected to ship keeps changing too.

      It got down to "48hrs" last week and has now changed to "1-5d".

      Payment was initially deducted from my credit card (authorisation?), then returned several days later.

      I assume the payment will then be taken when they eventually ship…

      • Okay, it seems I got slightly annoyed too soon.

        Just received an email telling me that my order has been shipped, and payment has now been taken.

        The only thing I could complain about is that the Aussie dollar has lost a little value, and I've paid about $1 more than I expected to.

        I was going to spend that dollar on a photobook from big w. Guess I'll have to reassess things.

        Anyway, I'm excited that it's on its way!

  • Arrived today!

    Looking forward to drinking cheap pear cider and playing later tonight.

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