Looking for New Toyota Camry in Melbourne

Hi guys, i'm new to the forum here so please be gentle.

I'm looking at getting a new toyota camry in the next week or so. They are selling the basic model for $27990 driveway (includes alloys, spoiler, automatic).

I've been to a dealer, and they've offered me $26880 as best price. I was wondering if anyone else got a better offer recently? and should I take this deal?

I live in Melbourne.



    I reckon you can squeeze them for more.
    They ought to be able to throw in some extras.. Roadside assist?
    Also, lose the spoiler and get a useful feature that wont decrease the car's aerodynamic profile and increase fuel consumption. Spoilers on production cars are drawn on by a marketing person after the engineers have calculated the most efficient design.

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    There are still many 08 Camrys about. I think you should be able to try for a better deal.
    You can try ask them to throw in the floor mats or window tint for free. Another option to try if they are not agreeable to throw in items, is to get them to include it at trade cost. e.g. I recently got new car, window tint normal cost is $525, sales manager said that their trade cost s $290. I managed to negotiate that down for inclusion at $200 - Ultra SPF tint, lifetime warranty.


      Window tinting is excellent. I have it on my new car and the summer cabin temp difference is massive compared to my old car!


    thanks for the comments guys. I'll go back this weekend and see if i can squeeze the dealer for a little bit more with some freebies.


    I got my camry back in 2003 about 20% discount (with a free driveaway promotion). Camry is the easiest one to get bargin. I tried to help my friends with same model car few times. There is always at least 10% discount in Toyota Camry. Just ring around all the dealer you can find in your area with same spec. Even some dealer want to deal in face, but you will find out there are some willing to offer "Good price" over the phone. But be careful make sure they are giving you the "ON Road Price"

    For all others. only get the carpet mat if it is free (because factory one is the only one will fit perfectly). Don't worry about all others like windows tint. I got my window tint(3M) and paint protection done after. It only cost me around $450, But they will cost you around $1000 to $1500 in the dealer and their quality is shit.

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