Are you an OzBargain Addict?

How often do you check OzBargain for deals?

Or deals for OzBargain? :)


How long can you go without checking before developing withdrawal symptoms?

New feature requests to help with this problem:

  • Being alerted/emailed about any deal when it reaches a certain user-specified number of positive votes, perhaps even within a certain timeframe - say, 20 votes within the first 10 minutes of posting

  • Similar watch-lists by item tag and/or store merchant


  • +2
    • Best video from the contest !!

    • exactly!

      i needed an alarm to wake me for those graysoutlet vouchers…

      if buyers remorse is regretting a purchase, then what do you call missing a bargain?

  • I check about 10 times or more during the day. I love getting those price error and limited number bargains, but ya gotta be quick. Keep up the good work Ozbargainers.

  • I like the free apps posted by members. Love the freebie.
    I visit the site daily . Very much addictive.
    Keep on rowing . Ozbargainers.

  • Similar watch-lists by item tag and/or store merchant

    Note that you can already subscribe to a store at the moment. Just go to a store page on OzBargain e.g.

    And click on the subscribe envelope on the top right hand corner.

    Edit: Similarly for categories, e.g.:

    • thanks!

      how about specific products?

      now that would be good :)

      • The problem with that is the deals are usually not tagged correctly by the OP at the time of submission (which is when we check for subscribers). We usually have to re-tag each deal manually. We need to do a bit more work on the tagging before we can solve this one.

        • fair enough…

          how about my 1st request of fast-voting deals? :)

        • It's being discussed. It may not be exactly as you describe but something along those lines. :)

  • probably

    • just checked some site statistic recording thing on my computer and it says that I have visited this site 3,919 times.

  • Its hard not to be.

    There are so many insane bargains, just recently… Free Dominos Pizzas, profited $15 from a new expensive router…

    Its made me check it 24/7.

    I agree that having some sort of notifier if a deal gets a certain amount of upvotes in a certain time is needed.

    Perhaps a huge alarm bell as well, some deals are gone so quickly!

  • nice…

    front page deal alert email subscription now available

    front page minimum votes preference


    • 'Doh! Was going to keep it quiet until after a day of monitoring and I had confidence it was working well. :)

      • sorry - just so happened to be looking at the live feed and noticed your wiki update - perhaps i was too quick off the mark again it seems…

        • It's not a problem at all, if it was that important I would have hidden the checkbox for now :)

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