Has anyone ever had any experience with color e ink readers?

I know that its still fairly new and the second generation color e ink was only just released in Mar. Has anyone ever seen or tried one of these? I'm looking for feedback as I'm considering getting one. E ink plus color seems like a match made in heaven.


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    anyone who recommends an iPad over an ebook reader for reading books is missing the point. I only have to recharge my kindle every few weeks, and the reading experience is much better. The device is more portable, easier to hold, easier to read and works better in more light conditions.

    And 128GB? Are you going to have the thing until the day you die? Pretty sure my kindle only has 2-4gb memory. Let's say i've owned it for 3 years. I've filled it up with books twice, and I read every single day. 128GB would probably last me several lifetimes…………

    But I'd be interested to hear if anyone has seen a colour e-ink display too


    Short answer: no.
    Long answer:

    Liquavista bought by Samsung. Doesn't know what to do with it.
    Plastic Logic and Pixel Qi. Never got traction.
    Colour E-Ink. Never got traction.
    Mirasol by Qualcomm. Too difficult/expensive/never got traction.

    I still think it's inevitable we will see a marketable product made by an actual major name, but that hasn't happened yet.


    Looks like Amazon just bought Liquavista off Samsung.

    It's all over the news now.
    A colour e-ink reader from Amazon in the works?


    Whoa that's great! I think a polished color e ink reader will be pretty much unbeatable if they can get it to work properly. Just think, weeks of battery life… in colour!


      Hanvon and Jetbook and Kyobo; brands like that have colour ones out.
      The Triton technology from e-ink is probably the most popular implementation in colour e-readers at this point.

      You can buy them if you really want them, but yeah, no major brands yet (if you want local support).

      The main reason why I want Amazon to release a colour e-reader is to push the rest of the industry to move in that direction. But I would have thought Samsung would have done it already if they could, since they owned Liquavista tech for over 2 years.

      A bit of a question mark there, but exciting times.