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Assorted Adventures, 60% off, All DRM-FREE, GOG Weekend Sale


Before the intrawebs was invented for people to shoot each other in the face online, games used to have this thing called a 'story'.
Some great classics and indie titles on offer.
Mostly adventure games, the at times dying at times reviving genre, but some puzzle-type games too.
Prices are in USD

$3.99 each
To The Moon
The Longest Journey
Gemini Rue
Machinarium: Collector's Edition
Scratches Director's Cut

$5.99 each
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Blackwell Bundle

Personal recommendations:
Really they're all good, but it's likely most people won't want to drop 54 USD on a bunch of adventure games.

To The Moon ; if you don't cry by the end of this game, see your local shaman, someone might have stolen your soul.

Gemini Rue ; well paced, well written & intriguing story that's easy to get caught up with.

The Longest Journey ; character models are pretty dated by today's standards, but this point n click game has great characters, voice acting & a memorable tale.
Dreamfall ; 'sequel' to The Longest Journey, but a straight up adventure game rather than point n click. Not without some gameplay hiccups but still superb story & characters.
Also I believe these two titles have never been cheaper before on GOG.

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  • This is a pretty popular site.

  • +2

    I cannot recommend "To the Moon" more highly… great game.

    • +1

      If it can touch even the dark heart of Sauron, then it truly must be great. Will buy it

    • Me too, but I found the "gameplay" segments its poorest. It was really an interactive story, albeit a great one.

      The puzzle sections were tacked on and unnecessary. They just got in the way of the story, and there was no good reason why they needed to be there, other than so it could be called a 'game'. They were definitely bolted on because the developer thought he had to.

      This would make for a really good movie though.

  • +1

    This is a good collection, and definitely not just a bunch of 3rd rate software bundled together.

    I tend to switch between between gaming genres, finish an RPG, then a 1st person shooter, then a strategy or civ type game for instance. I have to confess, sometimes I want to switch off my higher, language using cognition segment of my brain and just "shoot other(s) in the face online". It is rather pleasurable to do so since there are so many obnoxious kids online (or maybe they are just adults who never matured psychologically?).

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