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2012/13 Liverpool Home Shirt $15 AU + $23 Postage


On the official Liverpool FC Store

Liverpool have dropped the prices on home kits for the current EPL Season.
They were previously £15, they are now £10 ($15 AU)
They had a good range of sizes, hopefully they have decent stock levels.

Might be helpful if you are seeing them play Melbourne Victory in July!
Total comes to $38 Delivered

(Also had a cheap $6 Scarf, which doesn't add any more to postage)

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  • Was going to make a joke, but probably wouldn't win over the Ozbargain community :/

    • +4

      I was thinking it would make a nice combo with the 4th place ribbon at OW… then i looked at the ladder, no chance of them making it to 4th :P

  • -2

    poor liverpool, live in pool as ManU on the perch now

  • +7

    Anything but united.

  • -3

    YNWA - You'll Never Win Again

  • +1

    Good for table cloth

  • i was looking at FC Bayern's official website, interested in one scarf, and thats 15 euro + 30 euro postage LOL.

    • yeah a bit pricey for a Barca supporter.

  • There is only 1 game left for the "current" season. Hence the price drop. New kits are already available for pre-order.

  • +2

    Great deal, great post, and at this price there will be more people at the Victory match, in Liverpool shirts than Melbourne ones, unlike the ALeague the premier league do not rip their supporters off for over priced merchandise, that will no longer be used. even the new strip will be cheaper to buy and ship from the UK than the Aleague teams (currently at $110 for a 2 year old shirt)

  • Cheaper to buy in AU currency. Didn't check shipping.

  • +3

    Thanks, gonna get pay tribute and get Carra jersey!

  • No size S left :(

    • No Medium either :(

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