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Humble Bundle Weekly Deal. Alan Wake + American Nightmare + Boatloads of Extra Content


Great game. Pay what you feel.

Min US$1 for Steam Keys.

From the website:

Two psychological thrillers that’ll have you biting your nails. The Humble Weekly Sale features a new deal every week. Be sure to jump on this amazing offer before it’s gone! This week, pay whatever you want for Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake: Collector’s Edition and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. This awesome compilation comes with a whole boatload of extras including developer commentary videos, an illustrated PDF book, and the Alan Wake soundtrack. You’ll also get loads of extras, including some never before seen material, such as original Alan Wake screenplays, comic books, an extended collection of concept art and photos, early demo videos, high resolution cover art, music videos… and the list goes on!

Fire it up on Windows, DRM-free and on Steam. You get the option to play both games, DRM-free and optionally on Steam!

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  • Someone is up early… just jumped on it, thanks!

    • Couldn't sleep. Played Alan Wake. Didn't help…shudder.

      • +5

        that's because it's called Alan Wake.

  • This is good bargain as on steam it is $39.99, but im sure i have seen alan wake on the specials for cheaper

    • +9

      Cheaper then pay what you want?

  • +4

    Amazing deal… This is a strange humble bundle

    I see no 'bonus' for paying more?
    Explains the very low average for such a AAA game…

    Weird. Grab while u can!

    • There is bonus materials but not extra games, in saying that nearly always with the humble bundles they add more stuff in close to then end as a thank you for buying. So even as long as you pay above the average you automatically get the additional stuff later too! I LOVE HUMBLE BUNDLE :D

    • +4

      This is not a "Humble Bundle" - it's a "Humble Weekly Sale" :)

    • Humble Weekly Sale operates differently to Humble Bundle.

  • +17

    Am I the only one that pays the minimum for these bundles with no intention of actually playing the games, only just to add to the games library?

    • +5

      It's an obligation for a gamer to support Humble Bundle regardless any deal they're on with. :D

    • I'm up to 405, played maybe 10…

      • FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! :P …LOL i am about the same

      • +11

        "Me, a gamer? Good heavens no. I'm curator of a game museum."

        • Same here but will play for a few mins @.@"

    • looks like bentan77 woke up this morning having a discussion with his subconscious

    • Pretty much. I probably wouldn't bother but the fact the money goes to charity generally persuades me. Happy to throw $1 or $2 here and there. As soon as they have packs that are $5+ more I begin to scruitinise it more, even if the games themselves are a good price.

  • Super deal! Superb games! (although American Nightmare expansion is a bit disappointing!)

  • These are amazingly fun games. If you don't have them, get them.

  • +8

    I enjoyed this game. Haven't played American Nightmare though.

    Because my name is Alan, the game got really spooky at times, the game going "Alan….Alan…". Someone walked in and literally jumped when the game started talking to me, a mind blowing moment for him. I did explain that it just happens that the character's name is Alan, my XBox was not possessed.

  • Probably wont ever play it but cheap games are a great collectors items. Plus they accept bitcoin so decision made easier

  • +1

    It should be noted that the Steam keys are only given with a minimum purchase of $1. It is stated on the page, just in the middle of the wall of text.

    Just a heads up since it wasn't very clear to me initially.

    • -1

      Yeah, I didn't notice that until it was too late. Oh well. Still $1.01 well spent, I reckon…

    • +2

      You actually bought a humble bundle for less than $1? Come on, bro.

  • Damn exchange rate! want to pay $1US for steam keys. comes up as $1.08AU today

    • -7

      The Reserve Bank of Australia are thieves. Their latest interest cut has wiped 5% off the value off the Australian dollar. That means everything we buy from overseas costs 5% more (and almost everything we buy is an import). Bankers are all scum.

      • +6

        AUD are overvalued for a long time.

      • I take it you don't have a mortgage then….

        Swings and roundabouts mate. The Aussie dollar has been overvalued for quite a while, I'm sure you have enjoyed it whilst it has been. Now things need to balance again.

    • haha I have a little over $100USD sitting in my paypal for such occasions :D

      • +1


        surely your bank pays you more than $0.08 in interest?

  • now to buy a windows pc.

  • +2

    Amazing deal, I bought this at a Steam sale recently and loved it. Very consoley if you're a PC gamer but a lot of fun

  • Finally! I've had 'American Nighmare' ready to go for months but wanted to play the original first.

    So, anyone want my (now) extra 'American Nightmare' Steam key?

    • Since no one has yet raised their hand, may be I can take it :)

  • +1

    what a game! played through it at least 3 times back on xbox. I recommend playing at night, in the dark when its blowing a Gail outside.

    • +2

      if Gail is blowing inside I imagine that could be distracting

      • +11

        Difficulty factor: Swordfish Job Interview

  • fantastic. i just paid $10.00 a while back for the non collectors edition. worth the money and awesome story to the game

  • Oh good, I'd just finished bioshock and needed a new game to play

  • +1

    Bought on special for steam for about $7.50. Just bought it again through the humble weekly deal for no real reason =.

    • +4

      Ozbargain - Buying things you don't need because it's cheap.

    • +5

      For charity.

    • For HumbleBundle!!!

  • I'm coming a bit late to the party but I just grabbed it. It looks good, I couldn't pass it up!

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