[FREE] Dota 2 Keys

Hi Ozbargain.

I'm giving away 25 Dota 2 Keys for FREE (no hidden catch :P). This game cost $29.99 USD on http://store.steampowered.com , $1 on ebay.

PM ME for more details (You'll need to add me). I'll only be trading inside the steam application when I'm available online.

There only two requirement to getting this freebie game:
1) Steam application must be installed
2) Must have a steam account.

Happy gaming. Also don't be angry if I delete you off my friend-list after a few days.

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    and costs 3 cents in the steam community market


    -1 from the 25 dota keys giveaway, 24 left. You can steamsearch my name. The same name as my username on this website.


    I'm also looking to get rid of all those stupid dota 2 invites in my Steam inventory - they take up so much space and prevent me from finding the things I want.

    PM me for keys


    Can I have 2 keys for me and my friend please pm me we would love to play together.
    TY in Advance oh God of the free keys :)


    Here's a automated Dota 2 Bot that accepts the invites from the rest of the world: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dota2bot

    and gives them away to people that want them. All you need to do is add it and say the the keywords and it shoots you a gift back. Smart idea since theres way too many invites in this world for this game.


    invites that arent used up are going to be revoked soon.

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