Bedroom Size Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Hi all,

Looking for two Reverse Cycle Split Systems for bedrooms - something like

Something around that size, preferably a well-known brand but probably a bit cheaper!

I've been keeping my eye on The Good Guys catalogues but coming into winter, I can't imagine Air Cons are something they're trying to push out, unless they have them as a part of a heating sale or something.
I don't mind buying online as long as shipping isn't over the top.

Thank you!


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    I recommend starting with finding an installer and work back from there (do they sell their own? at what price? can you provide one?).


      Building a house and they builders are installing for us.

      Edit: So BYO air con.

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    I installed 3.5kw in all our bedrooms reverse cycle of course, any bigger would be a waste.
    Got them from Nightingales in ALTONA, Melbourne.
    Three years ago the first three were $320, then $480 for the fourth one last year.
    They have a Toshiba compressor and come fully charged.
    They can freight anything anywhere, we got them to send a large freezer upto Mildura for $50.

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    They all work perfectly up to date and are very responsive/effective in cooling/heating a room.

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    look out on the manufacturers websites for cash back deals as well.
    I bought 2 panasonic aircons and they came with a $400 (combined) cash back. (well, they paid for $400 off my electricity bill)

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