Cheapest Place to buy GRID 2 CD Key?

Hey guys, I have been looking around for the cheapest place online to buy a legit Steam Key for GRID 2 which comes out on the 30th of May.

Has any one else already spent the time looking and can save me some time and tell me the cheapest place?

Greatly appreciated =)



    Ok, I did some searching around through loads of sites including a bunch of price compare sites and have come up with this as the cheapest one…

    I just made the jump and went with these guys..

    £16.62 or AU$27.22 using PayPal's currency converter
    at after 5% Discount for Liking their FB Page.

    I personally have never bought from this site (until now) but looking at the reviews on 'TrustPilot' they seem legit.

    If anyone else finds cheaper then please post it here.. Thanks =)


    $30 at Ozgameshop, pay with Paypal to avoid the international fee on the credit card.


    Here is a site that gives you a comparison of prices. The lowest seems to be $23.75.